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  1. hi, do you have an update to the express deals? any better option? 😉
  2. I’ll think about that one! Do u have a coupon for this booking? Thank you 🙂
  3. Hi, I tried exactly those strategy until 142$. No Chance! BR Matthias
  4. Hi, very nice strategy... so just to get it right.. If bid rejected, i just add e.g. Boulder City, as therebis no 5* hotel, and re-bid? BR Matthias
  5. Hi, I would prefer to stay in just 1 hotel and maximum bid would be 140$ p.n.! date: 16th to 19th September zones: zentral west or northeast Thank you so much! BR Matthias
  6. Thank you very much! Could u also check if Central West Zone would work for me with NYOP? BR Matthias
  7. Thanks, that really helped me! Could you send me the link for the Encore-Express Deal? 🙂 BR Matthias
  8. Hi, acceptable hotels would be: Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Ceasars, Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, Encore And splitting the bid would also be a nice option if i get one/two out of this hotels 🙂 Best regards, Matthias
  9. Thanks for your answer. But when bidding I can choose an area where of hotels. Do you know if i bid at priceline for 5* Strip-Northeast, if there is only the possibility to get Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn and Encore (as it says at Express Deals) or is the Trump a possibility? And what could be the options for Strip-Central West? (Bellagio) My budget would be 130$ per night (before taxes & fees). I see that the Mirage is a cheaper option but do you think there is any chance to get one of the named hotels above with 130$ per night even when its 2-3 days before stay? Do express deals get cheaper when it’s closer to the stay? Thanks again! Best regards, Matthias
  10. Hello, i’m new to the Board and I’d need your help in a topic! I’m going to Las Vegas from 16th to 19th September (3 nights) and I’d like to bid for my hotel. 1. If I bid for example 100$ per night, does this include tax, resort fee & parking? and its 300$ guaranteed for 3 nights? or is it just the net fee? 2. Are there any tips for bidding? I’d like to stay at Bellagio, Ceasars, Venetian or Palazzo. But when i bid for 5* hotel in Venetian area, the cheapest hotel shown is the Trump, where i definitely dont want to stay. I hope you can help me! Greetings from Austria, Matthias