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  1. Instead of placing SO MUCH focus into the past, can we focus on the present?! Dude, you are beating a dead horse, quite frankly with my past budget. Jesus! Yes, I checked out the hotel, but I want to know what else there is in my “MORE” realistic amount. Additionally, when I click on the link, it doesn’t direct me to an actual page and when I do the search, the 3.5 in mad sq garden area price is $107, so uncertain if it is the same one.
  2. I get that, but doesn't the updated amount allow for more options?!
  3. I apologize, I’m so overwhelmed that I didn’t type the above differently. I’ve had to adjust my budget to $130-135/night, maximum.
  4. I am circling back to this topic since the site is stating to contact someone on the site to inquire which hotels are the best guesses. I have come across many hotels within my budget, however, all had very poor reviews. The 2 hotels I was holding out on are now booked & now, I find myself having to raise my budget $30-35 more. This has been incredibly stressful!!! 😞 if you have insight on which hotels that are 3.5-5* in the Central Park, Times Square/theater district, NoMad, Chelsea, Empire State Building, hell’s kitchen, Rockefeller, Midtown areas, I would appreciate it.
  5. I prefer a property where vandalism is not an issue, as it is at YOTEL. I prefer a property where customer service and clean rooms are top notch. WIFI isn't a deal breaker. I have unlimited data on my plan. Also, centrally located is a plus b/c I do A LOT of walking when I visit. I also prefer comfy beds b/c I walk a lot. I would like a nice view being that I'll be by myself on the 4th and most likely staying in. I really cannot do more than $100/night.
  6. I don't mind staying at a 3-3.5* hotel, however, the higher stars hotel usually have better perks and are the better hotels. I cannot cancel my trip as i have already bought the plane tickets. I simply can't afford spending that much money for a hotel room that I may not be in. It was fun to look at all the options and got a little excited thinking I would have a nice view of some fireworks from my hotel. I'm traveling alone and my family decided to travel away for the 4th, so I have to find a place to stay. thanks for your time and insight.
  7. thank you for the information. it appears as though the Omni Berkshire has the best reviews from past guests, however, after taxes and fees, the total is $524.58, which ends up costing almost $175/night. I checked out the cheaper $90/night option hotel, and it has atrocious reviews. /: I appreciate all your help, but I've spent hours looking and reading that I must separate myself from the monitor before I get sick. Maybe next time!
  8. I appreciate your patience with me so much. it's my first time utilizing this site and I'm a little lost, but your help is amazing. Just for sh!ts and giggles, what 5* hotel do you think is being offered within the midtown/rockerfeller/central park area under $150/night? I'm really digging researching these places and seeing all these amazing deals!
  9. whoops. just reread and 3 of them state hotwire. sorry! the 4.5 is via priceline?
  10. WOW!! thank you so much!!! Will research and get to booking! are those based off of using priceline (express or regular) or hotwire? not sure which one to go to, to get those rates
  11. Hello, I am looking to book a hotel room in the city (somewhere I n the middle), preferably 4-4.5 stars for under $100. Not sure which is the better site to obtain this??? Help! /: