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  1. Hi, we just booked Crowne Plaza but using an OTA as price ended up being cheaper and certainty of which hotel we will be getting. Thank you for both your help and this has been very helpful and we will keep this for future bookings. If there is a way to close/delete this thread please let me know.
  2. Thank you for prompt response. Priceline express with bed choice is an option available for us.
  3. Thank you Thereuare and AaronJB . We are open to 4* options and will take a look at the options above. another criteria that I forgot to mention was that we will be coming from Asia and this will be our first leg so will have bulky luggages with us so place to open suitcase will be ideal. I will take a look at the above options and report back after we book.
  4. Hi there, We are planning a trip with my in laws to NYC from Sept 5-9. To save cost we are planning to share room with two beds. Using HOTWIRE I can specify 4 adults but cannot do so in PRICELINE. IS there a chance if i book priceline i cannot select bed type? It will be our in laws first time in NYC so would like to be centrally located and easy transport access. Areas considering Midtown, Rockefeller but open to other suggestions. Budget is around 250-300 for 4.5-5 star. Any suggestions for the city is always welcome. Thank you