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  1. I tried again today with Priceline and the issue is gone. I used the your link. It's Sofitel as expected.
  2. I've been trying to book a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal but always received the error message "Bummer... Your credit card information is invalid". I'm sure the number is correct and I've tried multiple cards from different bank and PayPal. I also tried to book when signing in or as guest, clear my browser cache, book under incognito mode, book with or without coupon. Still nothing works and same error. I searched the forum and found another post with the same issue but no updates on that one. I was wondering whether there are other people having the same issue or have any idea what's going on here. The deal I'm trying to book is HERE. My goal is to get Sofitel at Chicago for 7/3-7/6. Any help will be appreciated! As a note I did try the referral link from the site to book it's the same error.