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  1. Yes they would suit. Yes anytime. I would have to get airfare but the price is similar most of the month. thanks
  2. Any time between June and July. Thanks for your help!
  3. I was hoping to spend about $1300 max on hotels but that would be split between the 2 hotels. I don’t have to do those specific dates but just around there.
  4. Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Yes I mean a Disney property. The ones on site and not from any other brands. I’m trying to look online but there are many different choices. thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, trying to score 5 days in a Disney hotel from 6/21-6/26 and then universal 6/26- 2/7 Anyone give any advice which ones are on? the one I'm seeing right now is bonnet creek for 166 Disney Springs for 89 thanks for your help