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  1. Thank you! This site is so helpful. I don't think any of those options are going to work for us this trip. The Swan is on my list of resorts to try but I don't think we want to deal with moving during such a short stay. We've got a refundable booking at a disney springs hotel that we're going to keep for now. I've learned a lot browsing this site that will help me with future trips.
  2. We're hoping to find a disney hotel for 2 for 5/24-5/27 for under $200, though under $180 would be preferred. We would book any of the disney resorts other than all star sports. I've read that the Disney resorts are usually not available until 30 days out from your dates. Is it too early to look now? It's last minute and a holiday weekend so we're not getting our hopes up and will stay off site if we can't find anything. It never hurts to try, though.