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  1. Thinking again. About the hotel aspects it has to have good reviews (that's how I usually book)and a place to leave my car during that night..
  2. .Cruise is 8 days /parking is 86$ aprox . 1pm or 2pm . About the hotel it needs to be clean + good costumer service + good area ohh a pool!!! I dont have yet specific things to do.. maybe go out and explore whatever is around<go eat! .Havent decide about going really early to the ship.. my early will be 12 if I do so.
  3. Thanks for keep educating me!! U guys know more than me. As an advice>>> I have never being on Miami will love to experience a little bit by walking distance. I will get a park and go so either way I need to drive to that parking. Should I expand my search? What do you personally feel will be a better approach for me? And what is your thoughts about the start rating difference. I apologize I feel know like I'm bothering. I just discover this site and all the tools plus the help u gave us >>im excited and really grateful !
  4. Just want something on that location never being on Miami . But definetily cant compare a 5 * star to a 3*<<that I know. I was just giving a little bit of more info if where I stand right now cause I know the only way of getting the packages of park and cruise is directly with them. I check a park and go is around 80$ near the port so will look into your suggestion. Going back to the bidding.. If we just found a 5* for 135 a night how much will be a good deal for a lower category?? Cause 135 a night is really a great deal I would love my deal to be below the 200$ between parking and hotel! Ohh my English is not that great so I will apologize for that.
  5. Those are good prices.. and I'm ok with them. But definetily if I find something a lot cheaper it will be much better since with need to book a park and go also. Right now we have a reservation on a Hapmton that is 190 with 7day parking included with taxes is like 220$ just in case i dont find something better. My daughter sleeps on a bed but for one night will adapt but I prefer 2 beds.I dont mind having a 3+ Hotel... Soo any suggestions?? I appreciate the help!! Thanks
  6. I need a pre cruise hotel for one night Sep 6 to 7 2019 is for 2 adults and 1 child (2yrs) Last time I check Priceline they have deals for 5 stars 135aprox a night that's without me knowing wich hotel it is. I was playing with the idea of bidding. I'm looking into the Miami port area closest to everything
  7. It just happend to me.. what is next? I'm a newbie dont know what to do. I put my credit card info and then a error page 😞
  8. i want to book a room near the port of miami. and Im kind of scare of this. want to know if somebody have problems on the hotels with this tipe of reservations? extra fees???