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  1. 1 room. 1 adult. 2 kids. A king size bed is fine though Queens is better. It's just a couple nights.
  2. star rating --- 4 city and zone --- Central or south Ka'anapali - Lahaina travel dates --- 4/4/19-4/6/19 room rate per nite in US Dollars --- TBD but ideally less than $250. It is so satisfying when the deal is awesome. amenities associated with the hotel (if applicable) --- fancy swimming pool! walk to beach less than 1/4 mile I do not have a particular hotel in mind, but will be traveling with kids so noisy swimming pools crammed with screaming children are OK so long as there is also a bar onsite. Ideally walking distance (less than 1/4 mile) to beach. I haven't tried to game Priceline in forever, so go easy 🙂 I can also use Hotwire. Hotwire's got a 4* in Central Ka'anapali for $237 and Priceline Express has 4* $232 in South Lahaina