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  1. I won the Towneplace Suites for essentially $120/night WITH taxes. Your 10% Hotwire Coupon saved a ton. No resort fees! No parking fees! And Western Way is such a quiet nice street. Here's to hoping they assign me two beds! Thank you so much!
  2. 1000% need to avoid that Sheraton, and to be honest, the Embassy Suites too. Both of them are completely run down at this point and need gutting. Looking into Delta, B, and then this mystery one: 3.5* Walt Disney World - Bonnet Creek 105.55/night Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Complimentary Breakfast, Smoke Free, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Kitchenette, Tennis, Free Parking, Pet Friendly. I think that one is the Towneplace Suites near Flamingo Crossings.
  3. What do you think the chances are that this is Delta and NOT the Sheraton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Resort?
  4. Delta is probably more likely than B. Distance isn't a huge problem do to I'll have a car and will be driving around on property anyways. The thing is about hotels in the Disney area is most of them "inflate" themselves and call themselves higher rated than they should be. At least, that's been my experience in 10+ years of visiting. So that's why I was worried. Do you think https://www.hotwire.com/hotels/details/MjE3NjQ0MTQ2NDA6MTc3MDgzODE1NTA3MA-- Is the SpringHill or Towneplace at Flamingo Crossings? Similar may I ask best guess on https://www.hotwire.com/hotels/details/MjE3NjQ0MTQ2NDA6MTc3MDgzODE1NTE4Mg-- And if you think https://www.hotwire.com/hotels/details/MjE3NjQ0MTQ2NDA6MTc3MDgzODE1NTE1Mw-- Could be the Hyatt? Edit: Either of the two Hyatt Regency's in Orlando would be the dream hotel.
  5. Crap, I entirely screwed up. it's the 3/21 to 3/26. I'll check again tomorrow. Thanks for the info about Delta though, I missed that one and thought it was Embassy.
  6. Hey folks, I was wondering if I could get a bit of help. Though what I want might be a pipe dream, I'm looking for 4+ stars near Disney, preferably without the crazy fees of say, Wyndham Bonnet Creek ($45 daily resort + $27 parking). Honestly, since I won't be using the Amenities, even properties like Caribe Royal are just a waste of $$. Dates are 3/22 checking in, checking out 3/26. I'd prefer to max out around $150/nn. The SpringHill/Towneplace near Flamingo Crossings aren't bad, but the deal on hotwire is kinda meh for them, as member rate on Marriott's own site is booking $137 and gives points. I'll gladly use your referral link if you can point me in the right direction.