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  1. Thank you for the advice and for all your help. We might wind up adding another day on and will come back and do it here.
  2. I just booked the room from your site's hotwire button. Five nights, $119/night, 2 queen bed, Suite, free parking, on the strip. For the five nights total and after we pay the resort fee, we got the room for $200/night which I think is a great price. Super Excited!!!!!! and we got the PALAZZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very happy, great price!!! Went on their website and the price was double!!!
  3. I just went onto your hotwire website and saw this, 5 star all suite hotel center strip and for 2 queens it's $119 night. Resort fee was $255 for the 5 nights which is $51/night which seems like is the Palazzo. I feel like I should book it. We are almost 100% sure of dates and have a little wiggle room (can always get a nearby Marriott for a day of two if need be). Is $119 a night for a suite hotel 5 star with 2 queen beds a good price? Is there any possible way of the price going down?
  4. We plan on staying Sunday 8/18 thru Friday 8/23. The Palazzo looks like a great option. I have not made our flight reservations yet because I am still watching flight prices. We are flying into Southern California, going to San Diego, then Grand Canyon and then to Vegas for 6 days. I can't lock in until I have my plane reservations. I check the flights everyday and will purchase when the price is right. I would love to get the Palazzo for $200/night which seems possible. Is the Palazzo a good place on the strip? My husband said he definitely wants to stay on the strip.
  5. Thank you for your help. When I book, I will book thru this website. We are a family of 5. My youngest son is small, so could fit on a small couch and the rest of us would need 2 queen size beds. Is there anyway to know if the room will come with a couch? Are there 5 star suite hotels, which may be bigger? He could also fit on a blow up mattress if need be.
  6. It said central strip, all suites hotel, grand canal shoppes. It was from 8/18 thru 8/24 for $100/night. Resort fee for stay was $306 Any ideas?
  7. We need a 5 star hotel for 8/17 thru 8/24. I am hoping it is a slow time. Should I start looking or wait since it's far away??? We would like a hotel with stuff for teenagers to do and close to everything. Any help would be appreciated.