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  1. Thank you so much for replying! There is a possibility of increasing the budget, ive been on priceline and have put a bid in for 5* hotels for $300 a night but was unsuccessful, do you have any idea how high I would need to go? Also does HOTWIRE regularly change the secret hotels they offer on the site, or do they stay the same? Many thanks
  2. Hi! Please are you able to help me find a 5* hotel to celebrate my upcoming 10th wedding anniversary in June. I ideally would like around Times Square or central park south- or anywhere around/between these two areas. My dates of travel are 10th June- 15th June. Room rate would be around 250euros a night (so roughly $285 ) Is this achievable? Or do I need to look at dropping to a 4/4.5 star? Many thanks in advance.