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    looking for hotel

    Could anybody id this hotel please FT Lauderdale Beach Area 3.5* Free Internet Access Bedding Airport Shuttle No Smoking Rooms/ Facilities Pets Allowed Restaurant Swimming Pool March 27th-29th 2019 $129 pn Thanks.
  2. johnny england

    Porto Portugal

    Any priceline express deals for 4th June to 11th June 2019 in city center 3*+ for euro nations cup thanks in advance
  3. johnny england

    looking for hotel

    After searching FLL could you advise on the best hotel in our budget in sawmills area please.
  4. johnny england

    looking for hotel

    Could you identify the $98 pn 4* in sawmills for me please
  5. johnny england

    looking for hotel

    Thanks for the reply we are flying from dominican to FLL and thought spend a couple of nights in Fort Lauderdale before we get public transport back to Orlando for 9pm flight on 29th back to UK ,hope that helps.
  6. johnny england

    looking for hotel

    No rental car and budget $100 pn
  7. Very pleased to get this deal as i usually book with as a lot of europeans do and this saved me 50% on the price
  8. johnny england

    looking for hotel

    I am looking for a 3*+ for 2 nights 27/03/19-29/03/19 i do not know anything about the areas in FLL as i am from uk but we will be flying from the Dominican Republic to spend 2 nights in FLL before flying back to the uk from Orlando. My preference would be near a beach,doing shopping and a decent nightlife,any help much appreciated.
  9. I have put the code in the link but it says the limit is reached not sure wether you knew that.
  10. Hi the $85 pn was for all my duration tbh and was only asking if it as i thought it would be the Doubletree but i was not certain,after a lot of searching i think i am going for the Sheraton Vistana my only question is on your 2 separate links 1 has a list of rooms to choose and the does not so would we be in the same room for the last night and also how do i add 5% off Priceline Coupon many thanks
  11. i am also looking for a good deal for 1 night in miami on 27th march if you can help thanks
  12. Thank you for your help again in my search,my budget was going to be around $120 dollars pn.I have recently checked on priceline express deals again and noticed a 4* for $85 pn would you have an idea from the 4 hotels which it would likely to be thanks.
  13. thank you very much to take the time to help in my search,being as a first timer looking at bidding for a hotel room i am quite wary of the prospect of the bidding system,here in the uk very little is known about it,but your advice on the hotel after looks very good indeed,checked on and the price was £1195 for 7 nights,but when i press on your link to the hotel my dates are wrong how do i change please from 15 march 2019 to 22nd march 2019 and do you know of any other good deals to compare with and what would be the difference if looking for 5* in my search.
  14. Thanks that sounds great and looking at the prices for my dates on their site it is a good discount.
  15. thanks very much for the reply,i would consider any of the zones you have listed,i was actually going to put the same zones in my bid.