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  1. Yes, I do understand their policy. The dates that I'm wanting to book are January 20th through January 25th. During the week although I do realize it's a convention week so the prices may be higher and I would have to pay more money. I actually called the hotel and the reservation people directly and they said that it was Hotwire and all Hotwire had to do was simply submit a request to the hotel. I certainly did try the nice approach many of times and my worst customer service ever wasn't because they wouldn't change it was because of how they talk to me. They were not very friendly and not willing to help me at all whatsoever. I told them I was pretty upset with their customer service and how their supervisor spoke with me and if that was how they were going to treat their customers that I would not booked through Hotwire anymore and he basically told me he didn't care not one bit. I would be interested to see if there are any other deals out there not through Hotwire for the dates January 20th through January 25th. I probably wouldn't be so upset if I didn't come across someone yesterday at Hotwire that told me they can cancel it for a $40 fee and then now nobody all of a sudden could help me today.
  2. The current dates are January 16th through January 20th the dates I need are January 20th through January 25th. The problem is that we were coming before the conference is why I was trying to change the dates the conference is the 22nd through the 25th. The total for my current reservation is to 231.44. 188 before taxes
  3. I booked through hotwire and got the Westgate resort for January 16-20th. I didn't realize until right after I booked it that the convention that I'm going to doesn't start until the 21st. So I wasn't asking for a refund or a cancellation or anything else it just really needed them to switch the dates on my room and I have to say, that Hotwire had the absolute worst customer service that I have ever endured in my entire life.
  4. Okay, so I understand when you book a hot rate Hotel it's supposed to be final.. And of course that one time I have something come up I need to change my room. I booked the wrong date which I should have double-checked for a convention in Las Vegas. Everyone that I have talked to at Hotwire has been nothing but rude and nobody is willing to help. They try saying there's no cancellations yet when I called yesterday a girl said I could cancel for a $40 fee because she was part of a test group. She said not everyone that I talk to you would be able to do it and of course wanted me to do it right then and there, but I had to make sure that I could change my flight first. She never told me that was a one-time deal and that if I ever called back again they would never help me again she just said it would depend on who I talk to. I'm not asking them to cancel or refund I just need to change the days and their excuses oh it's the hotel. Well I called the hotel directly and I called the reservation department and they all said all they have to do is submit a change. I have yet talked to one single person from Hotwire who has been willing to help me at all from the girl that I talked to yesterday it really didn't seem like it was going to be that big of a deal. I am now changed my flights thinking I would be able to change my room today and I'm having no luck.
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