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  1. 4.5* Las Vegas The Strip - Southeast $103/nt Hotel i got is the signature at mgm grand. Thank you for the reply but i have indeed already been charged the hotel fee of $80. i have confirmed this on my credit card statement. I'm worried I'll be charged twice. I'm going to call customer service I just wanted to ask here first.
  2. Hello, I have a question about the resort/hotel fee charged by Priceline. I booked a hotel on the strip and was charged everything up front from my credit card including the "hotel fee." Example: Room total: $200 Hotel fee: $80 Taxes:$50 I got charged $330 from my credit card. Which includes the hotel fee. I was under the impression that Priceline only charges the room total and taxes and the hotel would charge the hotel fee after i check out. My concern is that I'm going to get charged the resort fee twice. Does this mean i don't have to pay the resort fee at the hotel because Priceline will do it? Have you guys seen this before? Let me know please. Thanks.