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  1. Thank you for the reply. Dates are Dec 3 to Dec 6 or 7. Yes, I would commit to that deal today. It was my first choice, however I had not confirmed the dates of my trip yet when I saw the deal last week. I noticed that this deal still exists on certain other dates within a month of my travel date.
  2. Hello - I’ve used Priceline Express Deals and Hotwire Hot Rates many times and have had great success. I’m currently planning a trip in early December in Orlando area. I had my eye on a particular deal in Priceline Express Deals (2 1/2 star, $53 per night, 60% savings, guest rating 9+). I was certain it was the new TownePlace suites in SeaWorld area. This deal has now disappeared for the dates I was looking at. Question: Once a Priceline Express Deal is gone, is it gone for good? Or is there a chance that the hotel brings it back closer to the check-in date, depending on occupancy etc.? Thank you.