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  1. ~100 is the price range i am looking for , if i can get a good hotel for much less price i can stay a bit far from disney, out of 3 day plan only one day is for disney
  2. hi, can you help me with finding a hotel in orlando at a good price anything above 4 * works, dates: 1/19-1/22. Can stay a little bit away from disney if price is nice.
  3. Hi, i did put a alert for 200$ at RateDrop site and i dont think it will go down. however on the other hand i went ahead to book with the Casino offer getting 170 per night. thanks much for all the help.
  4. hi came across this nice website and i am very impressed by the way it helps people. thanks much. i would like some help on booking a decent place to stay on the strip. budget maximum 200$ per night i have a deal because of my membership with mirage for 170/night but got bored to go there often. i would like to find a diffrent better hotel at the same price range if i can.