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  1. Thanks for clarifying that @thereuare. Unfortunately both of those come in a bit high once the resort fee is added 😞 I'd be tempted to try Priceline Bidding in the Empire State Building and Hell's Kitchen areas (as there seems to be better reviewed hotels than Times Square) if you think it's worth a shot? What would be your suggested bidding technique?
  2. Thanks for hopping on board to assist @AaronJB! Neither of those links seem to go through to the listing - are they still showing on your end?
  3. Quite interested to see if this one drops that I found through BiddingHelper: 3* Hotel in Empire State Building - Bryant Park area HOTWIRE Free breakfast Free Internet Business center Fitness center Smoke-free rooms For $199 USD/night. Looks like it may be Hotel Central Fifth Avenue which I'd be very happy with. All in price though is bit over my budget at $1,811 USD.
  4. Thanks @thereuare! Not sure I want to commit to Mayfair just yet, but if I do I will definitely be using the link through the board. I'd probably try focus on the 140/150s per night with bidding for a 4* to see if I could get something similar to the Empire State Building one you found? Just want a bit more leeway on bidding in case I win a hotel that has an additional resort fee. I'd also be a bit concerned bidding on the lower star ratings that I'll end up with somewhere that is cheap for a reason haha! Do you think that's a reasonable bidding price or s
  5. Also - don't really understanding how the priceline bidding works - but would you suggest I try bidding for those dates as well?
  6. Will do @thereuare! My backup reservation is at the Mayfair which I know doesn't have the best reviews but looks like a good location and was $1,350 USD for 9 Nov to 16 Nov. Price: My upper limit is 200 USD/night all in (do you think that's achievable?). Star Rating: Not too fussed, but ideally 3.5*+ - just don't want a dodgy hostel type 'hotel'! Areas: Agree with you about not needing to be right in Times Square. At the moment I'm thinking of anywhere that fits the budget in: Times Square; Midtown West; Empire State Building; Rockefeller Centre; Chelsea; C
  7. Thanks @thereuare I've booked a stopgap hotel with free cancellation and will wait on the saved alerts. I've ended up shortening the dates to 9 November to 16 November (to stay an extra night in DC). Let me know if you see anything which may be worth booking for those dates 🙂 Cheers!
  8. Hey @thereuare Thanks so much for your help despite my vague ideas of what I want. I've just booked flights now and will actually be in NYC from 9 November to 17 November now. Both the above look good, though prefer the Empire State Building option over Times Square. What would you suggest for 9 Nov - 17 Nov for similar budget per night? Interested to hear your suggestions 😀 Thanks!
  9. Hi @thereuare Thanks so much for your help! I thought my budget may be on the low-ish side - what do you think a more realistic all-in price is to get somewhere in the 4* region for those dates? The above two options look good to me - though I've heard better reviews about The Gallivant than Mayfair. I'm open to other areas - I know one of my friends recently stayed at the Skyline in Hells Kitchen and said that was a good location. Open to suggestions! Thanks again!
  10. I'm looking to book a hotel near to Times Square and the theatre district between 10 November 2018 and 17 November 2018. Ideally I'd get a place with 3.5* or higher and a total cost of no more than $1,250 USD. So, in brief: Dates: 10 November 2018 to 17 November 2018 9November 2018 to 16 November 2018 Rating: 3.5* + Area: Times Square Price: No more than $1,250 USD total (inclusive of all fees).
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