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  1. Used your PRICELINE link and got the hotel for 110 a night and 5% off with your Priceline Coupon link and code!! Wonderful hotel, I do want to let people know under amenities they state hotel shuttle.., that doesn’t mean free, they charge $22 a person on a shared shuttle so we just took an Uber which cost $32 total. Great lazy river, pool and pool bar! The resort is a vacation itself! Nice comfy shuttle bus to parks as well which is free. thanks betterbidding!
  2. Thank you. Do you have a good guess on what hotel that $91 one is? Sorry to keep bugging you but do you see any possible Disney resorts on PRICELINE EXPRESS deals or HOTWIRE even at a higher price? I’d go up to $200 a night if it’s a great deal! Thanks Okay I clicked your HOTWIRE link and did the days ex. This one says Hot rate 4 Star bonnet creek. 90% recommend can’t see many amenities (on mobile?) .. anyway it states it is 71% off reg $400 a night now $115! And First time I saw this ever. It states guaranteed to be one of these 4 hotels. Hilton Orlando and the other 3 are Disney Poly, Animal Kingdom and Beach Club. I clicked on it and it states there is a 40$ a night resort fee... does that indicate it’s the Hilton?
  3. I am getting ready to book today or tomorrow...I have a question. Since I have been playing around with HOTWIRE Express deals, I notice I get different results when I filter. For example it showed a hot deal.. 4 Star resort in Bonnet Creek, free shuttle for $91...looked like Disney Pop century to me. Then I clicked on the filters that matched the said location and free shuttle...it disappeared. Are these sites discouraging people from trying to “handpick” per say a Disney resort? Also do they add a star when it’s a hot deal? Pop Century is only a 3 Star.
  4. Thank you for all your work! I'll post back what I decide. I am so glad to see Villas of Grand Cypress...I was trying to figure out if one was that! I might do that.
  5. 150. is room rate only, we want the Magic express airport shuttle and love the big resorts at Disney, especially Port Orleans, Carribean, Boardwalk, etc. It will be our 20th wedding anniversary so I wanted to surprise my husband. I guess last resort will have to be the B hotel but I would like to try to book a mainstream Disney resort. The cheapest I see for Port Orleans is $202. I believe, but that's without bidding. I keep reading on here people getting great deals.
  6. Looking for hotel help for 2 adults, we want a Disney resort 3.5 or higher dates July 6-July 8 (check out) Orlando Bonnet Creek or Disney Springs looking to spend under $150 a night any Disney resort will work besides the All-Star resorts I know its late notice and my searches on hotwire/priceline dont seem to be showing me disney resort like others are getting. Thanks in advance
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