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  1. Nevermind. I went ahead and booked and got the hotel that I wanted! Thanks for all of your help!!!
  2. Thank you. I am not a pro at this and know there's always a possibility of getting another hotel. Would you recommend buying the trip protection, just in case I need to cancel? Or, do you know of anyone who has and was successful using it?
  3. Thanks for the response. However, I am not sure if this is the same hotel. Initially, the price I was quoted was $96/night and the Additional Mandatory Fee was $50. The link you sent is now showing the price at $91/night and Additional Mandatory Fee of $56.25. I am thinking this may possibly be another hotel since I am assuming the Mandatory Fee shouldn't change, right? My hope was to get the Caribe Royale.
  4. 4-Star Hotel Listed on PRICELINE EXPRESS Disney Area - Lake Buena Vista East Area Travel Dates: August 3, 2018- August 5, 2018 $96/night Says: Practice your backhand at the tennis courts here. When you book a 4-star Express Deal, you'll get high standards of service, upscale amenities and beautiful decor. Amenities: Restaurant Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Ranked Very Good 8+/10