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  1. Thanks. Curious - how long do Priceline charges usually stay 'pending' on your CC?
  2. It is indeed the Swan. I took the chance and booked it last night because I felt certain it could NOT be the Swan or Dolphin with no additional resort fee listed. How could it be when every other listing for either hotel that I could find does include a line item for the resort fee? Even if you check just the night of 7/6, you can find a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for the Swan with the resort fee listed — I know this for a fact because I get a “Hint! You’ve booked here before!” message when I look at the page now that I ended up booking the Swan last night. Nothing against the Swan — it’s just not what I was wanting to book, as I wouldn’t be saving vs. just booking a Disney Deluxe directly between the resort fees to be paid at check-in and not having Disney’s complimentary airport transportation. Additionally, for a traditonal double bed room at the Swan, 44% discount coming to $232 does not seem right at all. For their fancy rooms with resort views or suite level, maybe. I was on the phone with Priceline for ages last night trying to sort this out because I feel super misled by them about the resort fee not being listed. I have screenshots of everything I have mentioned - they clearly made an error on this particular listing. It was a horrible call where I was given the runaround by a rep and their supervisor who wouldn’t budge. The supervisor even admitted I was correct that there would be an extra $31.50 per night due at check-in after calling the resort to confirm. I really feel like this particular listing was falsely advertised... I do want to thank those who replied offering their guesses! I don’t know if I’ll ever be doing PL again after this though.
  3. Hi - thank you for the welcome! I'd be glad to use the links. Here is what I am seeing. PRICELINE: 4.5-Star Hotel for $232 for 7/6-7/8 (not seeing it come up for any other surrounding dates) Walt Disney World - Bonnet Creek Area Rated 8 out of 10 or higher Saves 44% or more Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center Non Smoking Areas Pop-up message said someone else just booked the resort for $414.
  4. Hi there! Was this listed as a 4.5* resort? Also, were there options to choose a bed type? I am seeing a similarly priced/discounted resort for dates in July and would love it to be Beach Club... 4.5-Star Hotel Walt Disney World - Bonnet Creek Area Rated 8 out of 10 or higher This deal saves you 44% or more Thanks!
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