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  1. That’s perfect. Is there a way to change it to two beds requested? Not sure if it will be a price difference
  2. Just responded, I hadn’t seen the respond on there. This trip are looking to book right away as the date is approaching soon. We aren’t looking for any accommodations in particular just thay it’s a nice clean hotel and it has two beds.
  3. Oh wow! Price look great, we are waiting to see if my boyfriend gets approved for the days off and will be booking through this site. Thanks for the help. As for the Sedona we are ready to book right away as this trip is closer than the Las Vegas one.
  4. I am in search of a 4* hotel in the Sedona area for June 15-18 between $100-$140 . Thank you
  5. Hello I am going to Vegas in July. We normally go with a a group of friends but me and my boyfriend will be going alone this trip. Which I am super excited , so I want to make it specially and stay in a nice property on close to everything . I am thinking of Venetian, Bellagio, and I’m open to other suggestion. This is my first time checking out this forum so I am clueless on how to bid or what to look for . info : Las Vegas Nevada July 13-15 rate $90-$130 4* - 5* hotel
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