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  1. Hello, I wanted to splurge on a 5 stars in Bangkok the 23rd June for one night, but can't identify the name of the hotel hidden as the mystery hotel... Any clues? Thank you!
  2. Thanks AaronJB, Without betterbidding help I would have never spot this offer by myself Thanks again to everyone for their help!
  3. Of course it's the Warwick! Why I didn't see it? "Excludes $25 daily resort fee", so definitely the Warwick! Thanks!! Yes, I need now to wait for a great offer for the July 16th, 17th, 18th nights (checkout 19th morning)
  4. Hello guys! I was looking at this hotwire offer: 4.5-star Hotel in Rockefeller Center area Wed, Jul 18 - Thu, Jul 19 1 Room, 2 Adults 85% recommended Great! (218 reviews) (2000+ reviews) And I can't figure out whixh hotel it is ... Your guess? 1/ Omni Berkshire Place ? 2/ Lotte New York Palace ?
  5. Awesome! You're staying at the Omni Berkshire Place! Amenities Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby, Children's activities Accessibility Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Wheelchair accessible, Accessible bathroom Price summary Room $615.00 ($123.00 per night x 5 nights x 1 room) Taxes & fees $189.34 Thanks to the betterbidding team for the help finding this awesome deal. I was VERY careful this time to only use the HOTWIRE link provided by betterbidding to land to hotwire and make my booking
  6. Hello! What is the direct link for the bidding option NAME YOUR OWN PRICE on Priceline? When I go there from the Priceline page I'm not sure if it's still under referral code betterbidding ....
  7. Thank you AaronJB, I certainly don't want to win an hotel that will charge me $28 resort fees per night when I check in! It ruins the savings!
  8. My first booking! :-) Hyatt Regency Orlando is at $185++ with a net rate at $208.22 and thanks to this forum I got it for $113++ ($127.80 with all fees). From $208 to $127 all fees included, I'm very happy! 4.5-star Resort in International Drive - Convention Center area Free Internet Amenities Business center Fitness center Pet friendly Pool(s) Resort Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms
  9. How about Priceline bidding? Is it worth gambling? Is there any "bad" surprise?
  10. YES! But now that I found betterbidding I'm not stressing out anymore All my hotel bookings will go through your links! Let's see if the offer stays until Monday or if something better comes up!
  11. Hello! This is PERFECT!!!!! I had a hard time finding your price, can you imagine when I checked for 7/18-22 it's $173/night and if I just add up an extra night 7/18-23 it's $123 per night! With all taxes and fees I got $804.34 for the 5 nights, so $160.80/night net. GREAT choice! But they have resort fees so this climbs up to $188/night I can't combine both: if I change the dates of Omni Berkshire I lose the promotion, and I can't get the Freehand at this price for only two nights 7/16-17 ... Three important questions: 1- I can't book before Monday, I need to wait Monday to put money on my account to pay the booking. Do you think this promotion will disappear in the next two days? 2- I love the Omni Berkshire. Location is great, it's great value (website rate for the same period $236/night), 95% recommendation score (amazing!), Monday morning I will definitely book and pay, no seconds thoughts, unless something else shows up? I need to secure my nights from 7/16 to 7/21 or 22 or 23 (checkout hotel Manhattan the 7/22, 23 or 24). So what would be a great pick for the 7/16-17, or is there another combination of hotels possible? 3- Last question, do we have a Hotwire Coupon code and save a little more ? Thanks for all your precious time helping me with this, without you I would have paid an ugly room by airbnb, stayed 3 nights only in Manhattan to waste 6 days in Orlando waiting for the convention! A thousand thanks for this!!!!!!!
  12. Hello! its 11.30pm so last message until tomorrow i had in mind $1000 for the first 9 hotel nights. I was thinking spending 120-160/night in Manhattan for a few days and save up in low budgets for the rest. If it’s better to stay 6-8 days in Manhattan i will need to increase my budget by borrowing money hahahahaha i can’t imagine how many things there are to see in Manhattan, I thought 3 days would be enough Hahahaha. So it’s really worth to stay a full week ? i have no idea what budget I need for transport activities visits and food in Manhattan, but I’m fine with street food, can walk or take the subway. i will fly between NYC and Orlando but did’t book yet. So I could take Amtrak to visit Washington and fly from there to Orlando? I will look on youtube what is Disney and if the rides are tempting, but do you think it’s worth it? Is Universal the same thing ? thank you everyone !
  13. Thank you for your fast reply! My USA trip is in two parts: From 25th to 30th = Zumba convention in Orlando at Hyatt, I'll be at there convention like 24/24, no Orlando visits! The 30th I will fly back to JFK and catch my return flight to Cambodia. What I need to plan is where I stay before the 25th. As I will land the 16th at JFK, I will have 9 nights to spend between NYC and Orlando (or anywhere in between), I don't know where to go from 16th to 24th. I never heard in my life about the Disney thing so I don't care about that, I can skip Orlando until the 24th and just visit one day I guess... Budget: I was saving for $1000 for the first 9 nights, so I could splurge in Manhattan a few days and go lower budget after in Orlando. But if this is really not enough I will sell my MacBook to cover the budget Do you think it's worth staying in NYC for 8/9 nights? Or is there any must see cities between NYC and Orlando i can go to? Thank you for your advices!
  14. Hello from Cambodia! I will visit the USA for the fist time in my life, so excited! I need to be in Orlando at Zumba convention from the 25th July, but will land in New York the 16th July, so I have 9 nights to spend in New York and Orlando before the convention. My first question, how long is it necessary to stay in NY to visit Manhattan? 2,3,4 or 5 nights? Second question: where would be the best area in Manhattan to stay? This is my dream travel, so I really want a dream hotel in Manhattan but I can't afford premium rates $$$$ how do I compromise? The things I'm interested in is the notation of the hotel by the guests (8+) and to have a GREAT deal: a real discount! Can someone help me? Thank you so much !!!
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