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  1. I'm not so sure that it's super 8 on emert due to the laundry facilities and business center. Super 8 does not list either of these for amenities.
  2. Thinking it could be wild bear inn also. Thoughts?
  3. Ooooops! I meant HOTWIRE, I don't see the $50 listing.
  4. Thank you for responding so quick! I am not seeing anything on priceline that's $50 a night, I see one for $43. It does have a bed choice, but the super 8 does not offer full size beds, just two queens or one king.
  5. Hi, I'm hoping you can help identify a pigeon forge two star hotel. Traveling June 4th thru June 8th. PRICELINE EXPRESS deal $46 a night. Bed choice available. Amenities, Wi-Fi, pool, pets, breakfast, no smoking rooms. I'm hoping for super 8 on emert st, I have family staying there. The regular rate right now is $60 a night The amenities are very similar. Both have 7/10 guest rating. Any help appreciated.