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  1. PRICELINE EXPRESS 5* Encore hotel $137/night 11/11-11/14 Las Vegas Strip Northeast. Confirmed. Thanks for your help. Amenities: Free Parking Fitness Center Casino Restaurant No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Indoor or Outdoor Pool
  2. I still have not purchased the other part of the trip. Really want to stay at 1.Encore 2.Wynne or 3.Palazzo but if I find a great deal on another 5* close to where I'm staying then I might go there. The prices seem to keep going up though.
  3. Ok I tried for another 45 minutes and got the Cosmopolitan Nov. 10th one night $62 . Great deal. Thanks for informing of this. I had never used Hotwire before and didn't know about your reveal hotels link. Thank you very much. I will go thru my email to try to find info on the Denver and Cleveland hotels and update this site accordingly.
  4. Looks like now Cosmo gone, but I wish it had informed me of such before I wasted 2 1/2hours on the site. I refreshed and it showed deal still there. Kept putting credit card and it kept throwing me out Oh well. If you come across another such deal pls advise. Thank you.
  5. I found the link to the Hotwire Cosmo hotel. I've been trying to book for two hours and it won't go thru. I tried on my computer and cell phone. It keeps giving me an error message. I've tried to sign in on Hotwire on computer and won't let me but will allow on my phone. I have gone thru your site. The payment /card is good,so I don't know what is the problem. I refreshed and the deal is still valid. I'm going to try again. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. I thought that since hotels in same general area changing would be less of a hassle. But I hear Cosmopolitan is nice and would like to stay there for that one night. I have never used Hotwire and not sure where to find the Cosmo hotel on the site for the price you listed. Yes, I am getting in late because next day flight was too early and was able to change at less costs. Was going to stay at Tuscany for $27 (1st night) plus of course resort fee but decided to try to stay at a 5* for entire trip. As far as those other two hotels, I'll check my email as that was a long time ago. Sorry I didn't update.
  7. Can you please help me identify this 5* hotel northeast strip. Express deals show the following for 3 nights Nov. 11-14, 2019, $136: 5* , parking,fitness, casino, restaurant, no smoking, pool. A few days ago it was $116 a night. I didn't act fast enough. Snooze you loose. Thank you, and also 5* $92 Nov 10-11,2019, northeast strip, fitness, shuttle, busi ctr., casino, restaurant, no smoking, pool. I'm thinking about coming in a day early. I think it would be cheaper to make the 3 night and then get the one night at $92. What do you think. Thanks for your help.
  8. 3.5*, express deal, $57 Cleveland Hopkins Intern'l airport; one night 9/11/18-9/12/18; amenities free parking, pets, fitness ctr, shuttle, business center, restaurant, no smoking, free internet, pool. Thank you.
  9. 3.5 *; $57; 9/11/18-9/12/18 Cleveland airport hotel. Free parking, pets allowed, fitness center, Shuttle, Busi Ctr., Restaurant, Free Internet, No smoking & Pool. Can you help me identify hotel. Thanks.
  10. Thanks. I was hoping it was the Ramada
  11. Need help on identifying hotel for PRICELINE EXPRESS bid, Denver Airport, July 8-9, 2018 $51 parking, breakfast, pets, shuttle, pool, business center, and bed choice. Thanks
  12. Yes it was palazzo. I bought on PRICELINE EXPRESS at $147. Now kinda wish I would have waited it’s at $127 few days before trip. Oh well, I still got a great deal, I’m happy.
  13. Please help me identify five star northeast. Amenities, air port shuttle, bed choice, fitness, business center, casino, swimming pool, restaurant, non smoking, casino. 9+ guest rating. thx