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  1. The 3* hotels weren't biting for my budget so my curiosity got the best of me of what I could snag at 2.5*. A little disappointed however I'm even more surprised. Lesson learned. They listed other great hotel brands at 2.5*, not this one... please add this to the list. Got this hotel for $49 AFTER taxes.
  2. Used PRICELINE Name Your Own Price for 3 Star Hotel (stupid 3.5 and 4 had possibility of a resort fee). Originally bid at $54, denied. Waited 2 hours to bid again, bid at $56. With taxes, came out to $70. Got the Four Points By Sheraton. It's not listed in the hotel list so we might need to update that. Happy with the result. :)
  3. Bidded on August 30th... Tried 5* originally but was denied and offered Renaissance for $144/night. We declined and tried again keeping the same bid at $142 and included 4.5*. We're happy with it. Seems very convenient.