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  1. Tried 3* up to $47 and got nothing. Tried 2.5 @$38, counteroffer, bid $40, then $42 (over 2 days) and got it. Very happy, hotel web site shows a rate of $134. Arriving after midnight so just looking for a decent, inexpensive place. Free breakfast & shuttle makes it a super deal in my book.
  2. Started at $30, rec'd a counteroffer for $45. Rebid @ $35 and very happy to receive this property. LaQuinta could be had for $58 on its own web site, so $35 was my max for a 2.5* on PL. Regular price for this Fairfield, however, is $114, so an outstanding PL deal IMO because there's complimentary continental breakfast & airport shuttle. Before bidding 2.5*, I had bid 3* up to $55 and got nothing. In hindsight, glad PL rejected my 3* bids. Used the link.
  3. Love this resort and am so glad I decided to stay another night (had already booked the first night using the Priority Club points promo for this resort). Resort fee is $24 which includes parking & internet. Place is not too busy. Lowest rates had been $200 and dropped to $149 a few days before my trip. Decided it was worth saving $50, so went with Hotwire. Assigned to a beautiful room in a nice quiet area, beautiful landscaping. Amenities: Resort, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, High-speed Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Spa Services
  4. Started at $38, then raised to $40. Was really hoping for the Doubletree, as I read good things and wanted to try it. I have stayed at this Hilton a few years ago and think the word "Resort" in the name is a bit of a stretch. But I would say PL has it correctly categorized as a 4*. It's nice enough, just doesn't have any wow factor and the restaurant was underwhelming. The location in Scottsdale is excellent if you want to be close to the stores & restaurants. The rate showing on the Hilton web site is $143, so my $40 win is an outstanding price. Went through the PRICELINE link to bid.
  5. mroy, Thank you for the info--yes I do have the night of July 1 booked with Hyatt points, so I'm looking forward to all the festivities. Then we move onto Quebec--perhaps we'll see AA8833 at the Hilton, as I have that one booked with HHonors points. When I originally booked the flights for this trip I had no idea I'd picked Jazz Festival time. Hadn't even bothered to look at hotels, just was having a hard time getting the award air tickets. I kind of gulped when I discovered the biggest jazz festival in the world was happening around my dates. But it wasn't too bad--any other year and I'd likely been in a mess trying to find a reasonable place to stay. thereuare, Right you are, I wasn't able to add another night @ $58. It sure looked like they were going to let me, but when it came to the final page they offered me the next night @ $75 + $20 tax/fees. Seemed slightly deceiving--they get you psyched up, said it would be at the same price, then no-can-do. I decided to try bidding instead, hoping I didn't end up at another hotel. Went up to $63 but rejected and I'm out of free rebids. Might try again in a few days.
  6. Started at $52, then $54, and got it at $58 (tax & fee = $17). I was kind of surprised actually, as the Hyatt rate for this date is $209 CDN. Had booked several nights there already using Gold Passport points. But when I saw previous posts and how low the rate was going for, I'd be crazy to use points! Need to read up on adding a night, I've never done that before. (I note it says I can do it until 11 a.m. of checkout day? If that's the case, I'll wait then.) Went through the BB PRICELINE link. Thanks to all posters and administrators who post on this board.
  7. For several months I've given Vancouver a try, every few weeks. Also watched Hotwire. This week a new one showed up on HW which, from the description, appears to be Delta Suites. So bid PL a few days ago up to $144 and nothing (rec'd $22 counter offer at $130). Today the price on HW went down $30, as well as on the Delta Suites web site. So gave PL another try. Started at $110, $113, then got it at $115. Surprised when the name "Hyatt" popped it, but that's fine with me. Just glad that my PL common sense stopped me from going higher 3 days ago. PL requires a lot of patience & self control!
  8. Only one zone so I started out somewhat low and bid a little higher over several days; $50 rejected with counter offer of $14; then tried $52 and got it. Rate on Marriott site is $125, so quite happy with this deal.
  9. I've been watching the rates via Hotwire & the hotels' web sites for the past month. I was almost certain the resort offered in the Tucson north zone was either the Hilton or the Omni. Today I noticed HW showed $102, previoulsy it was $145-$200. Omni's price on their web site today is $189. My travel plans were finally set today, so I went ahead with PL. First bid was $60 and I got a $17 counteroffer. Then I bid $65, $68 and finally $70. Taxes and fees were $17.01. Looking forward to the visit, as it gets good reviews.
  10. Considering their lowest rate for your night is $289, you got a great deal! I've stayed here (booked through the hotel, not PL) and I like it very much, although it is a bit older than other Scottsdale resorts. I'm surprised it's only rated 3* by PL, but good to know it's a possiblity when bidding. All rooms are in casitas-type buildings--single story. There are two types of rooms and I'm sure with PL you'll get the regular hotel-type room with a bed(s). They also have more expensive suites with living room, kitchen and, best of all, a private outdoor patio with jacuzzi. The pool area is nice, with a bar & grill. We liked the tapas restaurant so much we ate there both nights of our stay, even though there are dozens of good restaurants in the area. Thanks for posting your win, I now may try bidding 3* Scottsdale next time I'm there.
  11. Started at $70, rejected. Added free rebid Cathedral Hill and upped it to $73. Two rooms for Saturday night are mine. Rate on Hyatt site is $209; Grand Hyatt was $159, Park $199. But this one still comes up--fine by me!
  12. This was a very last minute, same-day bid--6 minutes until 6:00 we started with $69. Rejected so upped it to $75 and added USW. Confirming e-mail from PL at 6:00 p.m. Room is for my daughter who was hoping for her favorite, Hyatt @ Embarcadero. From the reviews I've read (I haven't been luckily enough to ever get it myself), the Omni is superior to the usual SF business chain properties. Hopefully she'll be wowed and can fill me in when she returns. Also, found parking a block away at the St. Mary's garage for $6.50/24 hours on weekends.
  13. Add me to the list. I started with $38 & 2-1/2* and only slightly hopeful of getting the Courtyard. Got rejected but with a counteroffer of $11. Raised to $42 and added Santa Monica hoping nothing would be that low there. Was upgraded to the 3* LAX Embassy Suites. Wish my flight was later so I could at least check out the breakfast buffet, but I'm out of there at 5 a.m. Rate on the Hilton site is $143 so a great deal--just needed something cheap for a few hours' sleep.
  14. Had a 2-night stay here and, while the resort was certainly nice enough for a $50 PL rate, it's highly unlikely I'd seek it out again. The negatives, while somewhat minor, add up to outweigh the positives in my opinion. It's located on a mountain overlooking the I-10 freeway; the area prior to traveling up the mountain is kind of business-industrial (but looks fairly new so I'm sure the Buttes was there first). The Buttes is an easy drive to/from the PHX airport. The lobby, restaurants and conference rooms are at the top of the mountain; the rooms are at the bottom; pools are in between. Lots of paths and steps to get from your room to the pool, and then a bit of a hike uphill to get to the lobby/restaurants. In the 105 degree heat (90 degrees at 11 p.m.) we only went to the uppermost area once! No complaints about the room in building 6 (overlooking the tennis courts & freeway and furthest from everything), it was large and decorated quite nicely, and a thermosat for the a/c. But the beds--I really could feel the springs and woke up with a sore back both days. Parking was fairly close to the entrance of our building and free, so I appreciated that. Called at 8 p.m. to request more towels & shampoo and I could tell by the tone of the operator's voice it was highly unlikely I'd receive these at that time. She was right, I gave up and called the next morning. There are two restaurants. We ate once at the "moderate" one and paid $50 for one entree, 2 dinner salads, an appetizer, 2 soft drinks. Food was okay but not great. Had the breakfast buffet which was $14.95 and the same as most business hotel-chains' breakfast buffets. Got burned on using the PC at the business center. Front desk told me it was $5 for 30 minutes, which I thought sounded pretty cheap. When I got there it was 50 cents/minute so I quickly checked my e-mail and was off in 6 minutes. Instead of $3 being charged to my credit card, it came to $9.50--according to the receipt that's the minimum usage charge. The best aspect of this hotel is the pool area. Lots of families with kids enjoying the pools (plus a water slide) at the low summer rates. A few spas scattered among the rocks, which would be nice in cooler weather--didn't see one person using them even at night in August. Very nice swimming in the pools at 10 p.m. because it was like a bathub and perfect for wimps like me who don't like cold water. As I said in the beginning, next time I'll pay more for a for a resort where: I can walk to the lobby & restaurant without a 10 minute uphill climb; have a comfortable bed; not have a view of the freeway; and have a better selection of eating establishments both within the resort and around it.
  15. Very pleased with this Priceline win for $35 (weekday). Arrived at 10:30 p.m., used the airport hotel courtesy phone, and the hotel shuttle was there within 10 minutes. Received a room with 2 beds (which is what I needed) plus it had a pool view. The hotel and rooms are attractive, meticulously maintained, and updated. I heard no noise from the rooms next to us or from the hall, which is a big plus in my book. Very nice pool area. In the morning, ate at the cafe and had the standard Courtyard breakfast buffet for $8.95. There's a computer in an area off the lobby which is free to use. Front desk is very helpful and pleasant, as were the shuttle drivers. The only negative I found was that the a/c is the manual kind and a bit noisy, but in August in Phoenix you leave it on all the time so wasn't a big problem. I would definitely stay here again.
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