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  1. Sorry for the late post. First day of NYOP (BTW. what happened to the direct link?) started at $60 and increased in $5 increments with 9 bids to $100 with no success. Second day, I started at $65 and won at $105. If I remember correctly, there was a 4-star DTLA express deal for $105 which probably would've landed me the same hotel but I did notice that the fees are slightly more for some strange reason with express versus NYOP. Although the Bonaventure is a little dated but it is still an LA icon and we always enjoy our stay. FYI, park at the World Trade Center lot down the street for $16 overnight on weekends which is so much better than $50.
  2. Started at $55 in $5 increments but after failing at $75 with 2 free rebids left, I felt it principle not to go above $80 since there was a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal for $85. So my next bid was successful at $78... not the greatest of savings but with all those fees, anything helps! Here are the details: Offer price:$78.00/night Adjusted room price (bid) with Hotel Fee Credit:$70.60/night Hotel fee:$22.90 Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:1 night Room subtotal:$78.00 Taxes & fees:$18.09 Hotel fee credit:- $7.40 Total charged today:$88.69 Total cost:$111.59 As always, used the BB PRICELINE link. ORIGINAL POST... Tried bidding last night (9/20) for a 3.5* targeting Disneyland or DL-CC zone. Started at $50 in $5 increments up to $75 and failed. The strange thing is I saw a 3.5* Express Deal for $85 in the morning, then $75 in the afternoon, and then $95 in the evening when I started bidding. I've never seen such fluctuation in one day. This afternoon (9/21) I see a 3.5* Express Deal back at $85 (DL-CC) which I might just take but I still have a couple more tries at bidding. From previous posts and the amenities posted below, I would assume this might be Anaheim Marriott Suites: Free Internet, Business Center, Fitness Center, Pets Allowed, Restaurant, Swimming Pool Any advice would be much appreciated!
  3. @AaronJB thanks for the welcome! It's nice to have a bidding forum that's active. One question I have regarding PRICELINE EXPRESS vs. Bidding, are the fees excluded on PRICELINE EXPRESS like they are on Bidding? For example, you win a bid of $130 but there's $50 in taxes & fees. When you accept a PRICELINE EXPRESS at $150, are taxes & fees included or added after? Hopefully that makes sense. I'm just trying to calculate what would be the max bid I should offer. Also does timing still matter? I would usually wait until 3 days before check-in but finding this forum got me excited and pulled the bidding trigger early. IMHO, PL has definitely made it more complex or less likely to win low-ball bids. I do miss the days of $50 4-star winning bids! Started 2nd day of bidding at $128 in $2 increments. Won at $136. Room subtotal:$136.00 Taxes & fees:$29.75 Total charged today:$165.75 Thankful for site!
  4. Need help finding a 4-star hotel in DTLA for 1 night on Friday 6/30. Started at $90 and increased in $5 increments but got denied at $125 with 7 free rebids. 4-star Express Deal going for $149 which I'm assuming is either Bonaventure or Omni (Free Internet, Business Center, Fitness Center, Non Smoking, Pets Allowed, Restaurant, Indoor or Outdoor Swimming Pool). Bonaventure web rate is $269 and Omni is $359. Thanks in advance!