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  1. Unbeatable price on this highly rated hotel. If you are in Chicago during Labor Day weekend jump on it while you can. It was hovering around $107 to 119 for quite a bit. Many hotels of lesser quality going for much more too. Hotwire rating is 3.7 but that is because location isn't rated and thus the odd score. Don't be fooled! BTW there is a nightly fee of $18 (I know, sucks) but even with that it's still a good deal. Amenities: Complimentary Free internet Boutique hotel Business center Fitness center Pet friendly Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms
  2. This one was too good to pass up. I could tell right away this would be the Viceroy given the ratings provided (100% recommended, 5 stars on Trip Advisor, location, etc). The going rate for this hotel is normally $230 & up. I suspect the low Hotwire rate is due to high vacancy after the 4th of July holiday, when travel will dip a bit. I can't wait to visit here. I suggest if interested not to wait long because this won't last. Two days ago it was $118 and the deal disappeared until today, when it was lower. Glad I waited but thought I had missed out by hesitating! So many lower quality hotels are much higher which I found odd too. Amenities: Boutique hotel, Children's activities, Fitness center, Pet friendly, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Smoke-free rooms
  3. That will probably be the Palmer House. Personally I would never do anything below 90% approval on Hotwire although that is a good price for June dates.
  4. I just stayed there last Thursday night, it is a nice hotel and great staff. I asked for a high floor to avoid the noise of the nightclub and they gave me one with a city view on the 13th floor. I couldn't ask for more for $97.
  5. Looks like 5 star deal is for the Trump hotel, and that is a good deal for that one.
  6. For that weekend and that hotel, that is a good deal. Sometimes you can get hotels like that on HOTWIRE that you can't on PE, although PRICELINE EXPRESS is cheaper for exact same hotels that are available on both sites. For the following weekend Hyatt Centric is going for $93, at least on 9/3 to 9/5 when I was getting ready to add a couple days to my Labor Day trip. I opted for the Renaissance on PRICELINE EXPRESS because it was around $30 cheaper overall (after using the BB 5% off coupon).
  7. June until about November tends to be on the high side up there with all the festivals, ball games and activities during that time. For an August weekend I don't think it will be going down very much and rates will be very high. Even the really crappy hotels are high for those dates. Looks like you would be getting the Sofitel for that one you mentioned, a very nice hotel. If you have flexibility, I noticed the Hyatt Regency is going for $95 a night (PE) on the weekend of July 7 and perhaps some other dates. If you are locked in, I'd grab that deal I suppose.
  8. Yeah I agree, I checked and it's only a six minute Uber ride. I had to change hotels last year, really is not a big deal to save some money. Next week I have to transfer from Godfrey to Kinzie hotel as well (both very close to each other). Irony in this instance is had I waited until this week to book for next week, I would have gotten the Gray for $101 a night on Memorial Day weekend. Could have saved a hundred dollars even to boot. Probably should never check after booking so what I don't know won't hurt me! You can bet next year I will book airfare early and book the hotel late. Would've been much wiser in this instance.
  9. Thanks, and to reiterate, the $118 is for 9/3 to 9/5 everyone. The PE deal for 9/1 to 9/3 is actually $152 as of now.
  10. This is not a "win" for me as much as it is a tip (didn't know whether to post as just a topic or "win", so sorry if I broke etiquette). I booked this hotel for September 1st thru 3rd on PRICELINE EXPRESS for $158 a night. Not great, but better price for that hotel than HOTWIRE and the like. While I was checking for rates on the 3rd thru 5th, I now see the same hotel is going for $118 a night for the 3rd thru 5th (PRICELINE will always give a hint "you booked here before" and that is the only 4.5 start hotel I have booked in that zone with PE). This a great deal for this high end hotel for anyone wanting something on these dates. I almost wished I had waited now so I wouldn't have to switch hotels, but it still would have cost me about $75 more total than the Renaissance did for those two days. If you want this one, look for PRICELINE EXPRESS deals in "Chicago Loop/Grant Park" for 9/3-9/5. It's the only 4.5 star one with a review score of 9+ as of today. Amenities: Bed Choice Business Center Non Smoking Pets Allowed Restaurant
  11. A couple of things I should add. Regular price is $209 for the room I got on most sites, it's $179 on Priceline. Also it says "room assigned upon check-in". However when I went on to the hotel's web site and I put in the confirmation number, it says I have a standard King Room.
  12. This site has proven helpful so I wanted to return the favor. This was an outstanding deal even though a Sunday and Monday on Labor Day weekend. Regular price right now is $209 per night. To figure out the hotel I had to use both the app and the desktop site, selecting neighborhood then narrow down by amenities. It was hard to decide if the hotel was going to be the Blackstone or Hilton because the number of reviews was not displayed this time on the Express Deal (desktop site). The app does not show that info either but does show the regular price which is very helpful . I did not want the Hilton based on some reviews, so I had to do more filtering as regular pricing made it too close to call. The deciding factor was "free internet", which Hilton didn't have listed. After narrowing that down, only the Blackstone could have been the qualifying hotel. 4 stars 8+ review score (though for some reason when you click on the deal, it then shows 7+) Amenities: Free Internet Business Center Fitness Center Non Smoking Pets Allowed Restaurant
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