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jade miyuzaki

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  1. Help finding Hotel in NYC

    Thanks :)
  2. Help finding Hotel in NYC

    how about this one that I find? 5* hotel at upper east side $340 they have 2 queen bed what hotel could this one be? this is pretty close to central park no? possibility? boutique hotel fitness centre pet friendly restaurant self service laundry smoke free room spa service
  3. Help finding Hotel in NYC

    I have send her the link and all the finding ... she have not replied to me yet as they might be out sightseeing and have no access to wifi at the moment I will get back to the forum when they get back to me
  4. 4* Newark (Hoboken - North Bergen) W Hoboken

    Ah thanks for that :) I was not sure how its work
  5. Help finding Hotel in NYC

    she might be willing to pay $400 if its a nicer place I am not sure why the 3* hotel ...
  6. Help finding Hotel in NYC

    I already told her about the coupon and the link :) I will tell her about your amazing finding but can you also help me identify those two hotel? Thank you
  7. 4* Newark (Hoboken - North Bergen) W Hoboken

    I am sending the link for the new thread :)
  8. Help finding Hotel in NYC

    Hi can someone help me ID this hotel? Hotwire .... 5* hotel central park south $401 free internet pet friendly boutique hotel airport shuttle smoke free room fitness restaurant business centre self service laundry? When I choose the bed type is it safe to assumed the 1 king bed come also with a sofa bed? because you cant really fit 2 kids and 2 adult just in the king bed :) I did put 2 adult and 2 kids on search button... the 3 * hotel below come with that option 3* hotel central park south $213 boutique hotel business centre internet acces restaurant Thanks kindly :)
  9. 4* Newark (Hoboken - North Bergen) W Hoboken

    I got the view of hudson river room and they are giving us two queen bed :) thanks a million this is super awesome .... I am starting a new thread for my sister in law family following up my success ... they had face a problem with the hotel they had originally booked, they only had 2 double bed and its really tiny for her, her hubby and two kids... so they are looking to move to somewhere that have 2 queen bed.... I can't thanks you guys enough...
  10. Help finding Hotel in NYC

    Hi there u are :) following the success of my hotel find through you guys last week, now I feel like a pro and been asked to help my sister in law who is already in New York this week unfortunately she ran into problem in the hotel she booked they only have 2 double bed so now They are looking into moving to another hotel for the 14/4/17 to 19/4/17 their budget not to exceed $300 a night preferably 4* if its possible, They would like to stay around central park area. Oh one more things they would like to have 2 queen bed :) thanks
  11. 4* Newark (Hoboken - North Bergen) W Hoboken

    Thank You Thank You.... a million
  12. 4* Newark (Hoboken - North Bergen) W Hoboken

    I did purchase my stay from the board HOTWIRE link :) ... I have one more question ... how likely it is for me to get a room with a river view? And or how would I be able to ask for one of the riverview room? do I call them tomorrow to make sure that I secure a room with a view? or bring a box of maple candy? OMG I am so excited ... I am actually dancing in the living room when I got it :)
  13. 4* Newark (Hoboken - North Bergen) W Hoboken

    Pet friendly Boutique hotel Airport shuttle Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Golf nearby Spa services Children's activities Plus I got discount from the promo code Spring20 PS. I wanted to say thank you for all the help I am getting to make it possible for me to booked this amazing deal, Thereuare nailed it, told me I will get W hoboken... and the W i get... AMAZING.... Thanks again !!! this site rock !!!
  14. 4* Newark (Hoboken - North Bergen) W Hoboken

    Hi :) So I did the booking YAY !!! $128/night for 3 nights minus the $20 off I go with the 4* in Hoboken and I got the W Hotel as you guess .... Thanks so much I am soooo happy with the finding ... I think this is a great choice ... maybe my sister in law and her family will like to explore this site of town for a day .... it look really nice ... Thanks again... you are really helpful and made my first hotwire/priceline hotel search an adventure.
  15. 4* Newark (Hoboken - North Bergen) W Hoboken

    the hotel in hoboken work out to almost $250 CAD cheaper "for three night. And its 100% recommended I do not know if this make any different both with the SPRING20 discount code already our dollars is not doing so well now a day." plus it might be free parking in hoboken vs. the million dollar parking fee in the city, I am not familiar with New York seem like parking cost an arm and a leg lol....was just curious if its worth it and if you have any idea what hotel it could be :) I promise I will booked it trough your link :p btw just noticing now there is 2 ... 4* hotel in midtown east one for more than the other? I have a few more question... so sorry for squirming you with all this question... 1. does the ratings matter? 2. why there is same star ratings with different price? the only different i can see is how many % people like it /love it ... what does all of this mean I am a little bit confused