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  1. If this is posted in the wrong area, feel free to move it. I just booked The Four Queens 4/13 to 4/19 $31 per night. total after the board HOTWIRE link discount $215 for 6 Nights the amenities list now shows Pool, when I booked back in December the list did not say pool One of the reasons I like the four Queen is they give you $10 per day in food allowance for every day you do not use Housekeeping (not including the day you arrive and the day you leave) Amenities for the four queens today Casino Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Internet access Accessibility Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Hotwire customer reviews 70% (59 total reviews) Overall satisfaction 3.5 Condition of hotel 3.5 Quality of service 3.5 Room comfort 3.5 Room cleanliness 3.5 Location of hotel 4.5
  2. I just booked thru betterbidding HOTWIRE links for December 13 thru December 20 ( a extra day) for $25 per night total $214 Including Tax I got just what we expected, The Four Queens with NO Resort Fee Excellent deal
  3. I called the 800 number, gave them the reference number to confirm that it doesn't have a resort fee (it doesn't) So, I guess my question now is: Are there any other hotels downtown that hotwire uses that don't have a resort fee and don't list having a pool besides the 4 queens? I would be fine with the 4 Queens, Cal, MSS or the fremont, at $26 per night including Friday and Saturday Nights that would be a steal, I just am a little apprehensive and think that I must be missing some dump downtown that I haven't thought of yet. In my post above I stated i had reservations at the 4 queens Tue-Sun for $153.44 that was incorrect , that rate was for Sunday-Friday and was made before I decided to stay over the weekend, the cost for Tue-Sunday would be $201.60 and including Sunday it would be 232.96
  4. I have been to Vegas many times, I normally stay in the Cabana suites at the El Cortez and this should be the cheapest week of the year but somehow isn't that cheap this year and ElCo isn't comping resort fees anymore as of 6 months ago (for lowly players like me) so paying the $60 resort fee pisses me off. I already have reservations for both the 4 queens $153.44 Tue-sun (no Free Wifi) thru the 4 queens and a tower room at the El Cortez Tue-Sun for $156 plus $60 resort fees (good Free wifi) from My plane doesn't leave until Sunday night at 12:30 (actually Monday morning) so paying for the extra day Sunday I could have a room all day That is why I thought about Hotwire or Priceline. All the other listings say how much the resort fee is, so I was assuming that this hotel doesn't have one, because it doesn't list one If it is the four queens they have the great option of not having maid service and getting $10 free food each day (after the first day and not including the last day) so that would be $40 towards food. ( I never have maid service anyway) My Alfa AWUS036H antenna has been ok at picking up the free downtown wifi, but it is dicey at the 4 queens on the top floors My budget is around $200 but this Hotel would be $190 and I would have the whole day Sunday in a room.
  5. Any Ideas what hotel this would be? This hotel's location earned it a 4.5/5 guest rating. Dec 13-19 2016 Las Vegas 3-star Casino Hotel in Downtown - Fremont Street - Slotzilla Zip Line area $26 per night, doesn't show any resort fees Downtown - Fremont Street - Slotzilla Zip Line Amenities Include: Internet access, Casino and more... FULL AMENITIES: Casino, Restaurant(s), Internet access