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    One son goes to college in PA and the other just moved to West Palm Beach for an internship. Love using Priceline to get great deals.

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  1. Used the betterbidding link to PRICELINE. Pleasantly surprised to get the Residence Inn Willow Grove, website rate is $179-our total $59.69 with tax added including breakfast :) My husband & I have stayed here before and were very happy. The bidding zone has changed and now says Horsham & Fort Washington.
  2. This was a surprise! My son goes to college in the area, so we have gotton some great hotel deals for visiting from MA. I had never seen Hilton Garden Inn before- guess it was just opened Feb. 07. Was hoping for Springhill Suites or Marriott Courtyard in Willow Grove/ Horsham area. Using savingsbarn.com bid $45 for a 2 1/2* for 10/6 only and got the Hilton Garden Inn in Fort Washington. Looked so good when I checked it out that I added another night at the same rate. (On trip advisor it has a 3*rating) It also ended up being closer to his college. Should be a great Parent's Weekend.
  3. Needed one night stay to catch a very early flight from Providence airport. Started bidding 7/18 using SavingsBarn.com Here's what transpired: 7/18 bid $42 for 2 1/2* in airport area-- rejected but reply to add $12 7/20 bid $45 for 2 1/2* in airport area --rejected but reply to add $13 --did not accept, but added West Warwick area and bid $46 which was rejected 7/24 tried same bidding as 7/20 -- no luck 8/3 Considered dropping to a 2* but decided to give the 2 1/2* one last try where it was closer to the date. bid $46 -- rejected; added West Warwick and bid $48 -- Finally accepted at Hampton Inn & Suites. Total with tx and service fees $61.86 This was a third of the price at the hotel website. I'm a true believer in Priceline with Betterbidding's help. Thanks!
  4. The date of the stay is 8/13/07. Sorry for the omission.
  5. Hopeful to get a 3* on Singer Island for 1 night 8/9, but over 3 days bid from $55 to $85 with all rejections. Added Palm Beach Garden area and got the Marriott for $56+tx =$70.27 Same room going for $169 on their website. That's a deal! Lookout51
  6. Used SavingsBarn.com to place a bid on Priceline for a hotel near Palm Beach International. Bid $51 and received a counter offer for $65. Ignored that and placed a bid for $56. Accepted for the 3* Hilton. Lookout51
  7. Bid using SavingsBarn.com from 7/7-7/9 for 1 night Mon. 7/30. Bid $60,$67, & $71 using other areas that didn't have 4* but all rejected. 7/8 Bid $70, $76 & $81 all rejected. On 7/9 at 8pm (other days bid mid-day) I bid $80 which was rejected but given a counter offer of an additional $22. I ignored that & bid $85 which was accepted for Sheraton on the Falls. Thanks to all that keep this forum going --I find the info most helpful. Lookout51
  8. Sorry for the double post. I'm rather lost here. My dates are 10/6 & 10/7 Would take 2* or above. Would like to pay max of $60/night. Because I couldn't find my post I tried bidding tonight as follows: Horsham/Willow Grove 2 1/2* $50 - rejected; Then went same area 2* $45 - rejected; last added Plymouth Meeting/ Norristown $45- rejected. Other postings had recently said they have places for $42 first try. Is Oct. an especially busy month? Appreciate any help.
  9. 1st time on a board & 1st time trying Priceline. Read postings for several nights but not much for my area. Read the hotel list but not sure if still valid. Just 2 parents going for parent's weekend looking to save some $$. Please help.
  10. This is my 1st time on a board & my 1st time asking for bidding info. I've been reading postings for several evenings and think I have a basic idea, but only one bid in the area I've chosen so not much to compare for prices. Just 2 parents traveling for a parent's weekend looking for a great deal. Would appreciate help.
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