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  1. Just wanted to update that I did book these nights on Hotwire and it was indeed Swan. I was very happy with this win and thank you for the help with this. Immediately after booking, I checked some dates for our March trip and saw what I thought was Swan (had exact same amenities) for only $85! This was during Spring Break so I was shocked that this was showing up. I was extremely excited, but didn't book until I had the chance to confirm things with my wife. Not two hours later, I went to book these dates and they gone. Not only that, I couldn't find ANY other Swan nights (HotRate) for any nights between January and March. I almost wonder if Swan (Marriott) or Hotwire had these hotels listed by mistake then caught it. I have seen prices for the Swan get to around the $100 mark, but those tended to be sort of last minute. You'll notice another poster secured the Swan for about $100 a night nearly 7 months out, which I found extremely surprising. Anyway, I may be reading too much into this, but I was happy with my win, but disappointed I didn't snag the Swan for Spring Break while it was showing.
  2. Just to close out this thread, I did not proceed with booking a trip to Playa. Thanks for the help!
  3. I am hoping to book either Swan or Dolphin for my dates of 1/19/19 - 1/21/19, but I'm not 100% confident that the Hot Rate hotel popping up isn't a Wyndham property. Here is what I am seeing: 4* Bonnet Creek Hot Rate Hotel @ $100 per night (showing $251 with a strike-through) $32 Resort Fee Amenities Business center Children's activities Fitness center Golf nearby Internet access Pool(s) ResortRestaurant(s) Spa services Trip Advisor Rating is showing 4 circles out of 5 If I look on the app, one of the reviews says "walking distance to attractions" which gives me hope. Any help is appreciated.
  4. PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals has a similar one which is likely Port Orleans Riverside. 3.5* in Disney Springs for $104 with amenities that include internet, restaurant and pool. I have not seen Coronado on Express Deals this year (I booked it last year so it should be unblinded for me).
  5. It’s Boardwalk Inn, 99% certain. That’s the description it gave me for Boardwalk.
  6. This is on Priceline’s Express Deals for July 20 - 23rd. Let me know if you’re not able to see it and I’ll show you a trick to make it appear.
  7. scnerd - I am also showing Boardwalk Inn (it's unblinded because I have booked it before) for $185 per night for your dates. A great price on that hotel!
  8. Thanks. I am please with the win and really hope more nights open up. I would consider myself fairly experienced with Priceline's Express Deals, but yesterday I learned something new (new to me, at least) that really helped me identify hidden hotels. Using the Priceline mobile site (NOT the app), I found a new feature that is similar to Hotwire's. When I clicked on the Express Deal I was interested in on the mobile site, it said ""Book soon! Someone recently got the Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge." I have never seen this before on the app or desktop site, but it does sometimes show up on the mobile site. I apologize if this is already common knowledge, but it's new to me.
  9. The hotel you are referencing is definitely not a Disney hotel. It may be Caribe Royale. If you're wanting a Disney Hotel for your dates, I have a high confidence that Disney's Caribbean Beach is available on PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals for $115 a night. Look for 3.5* under Bonnet Creek with amenities that are restaurant, free internet and indoor or outdoor pool. There should be no resort fee.
  10. I wanted to add a data point and also ask a question: Data Point: Through Priceline's Express Deals I booked Boardwalk Inn for $184 plus taxes and fees. Some of the selections/filters/descriptions were: - 4* - Bonnet Creek - 9+ rating - Amenities were free internet, restaurant and indoor or outdoor pool - One of the descriptions said "The kids will love the super pool at this resort with plenty of old-fashioned charm." I was happy with the win and hope I can grab a couple more nights. My question is if anyone knows what Disney hotel this may be: - 4* - Bonnet Creek - 8+ rating - Amenities are free internet, restaurant and indoor or outdoor pool - One of the descriptions says "Breathtaking decor and plenty of entertainment options welcome you to this unique property." - Currently asking about $210 a night. I am thinking it's AKL, but don't know for sure. I'm hoping it may be something different as we've stayed at AKL quite a bit in the last couple years and we're looking for something new.
  11. I have a question like this, too. I got a 7% off NYOP and want to use it for Phoenix. I know there's Express Deal that's exactly the hotel I want, but am also wondering that if I do NYOP if it will give me the Express Deal listed or possibly another hotel from that same star level and zone.
  12. Just to clarify - the Hyatt Scottsdale is 4* and not 5*, correct? You have 5* in the title, but 4* in the description.
  13. Yes, two adults and two children. But as I understand it, the Grand Hyatt Playa is not all-inclusive, so would it make much of a difference? Our kids are 1 and 4, so if we were stuck with a king bed, we could use a pack and play and have the 4 year old sleep with us... Not terribly exciting, but he makes his way into our bed around 2:00 a.m. every night, so not much different than home.
  14. Looking at identifying a 4.5 star hotel within Express Deals in Riviera Maya - Playa Del Carmen with guest rating of 9+ and guaranteed amenities of Business Center, Indoor or Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center. My sample dates were 9/24 - 9/28. Any help is appreciated.
  15. This is a great resort - stayed here last October. A quick question, with an all-inclusive on Express Deals, do they charge you more at check-in if you're traveling with children?
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