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  1. Hi, I am still looking for a hotel from May 3-7. My family and I decided to book two rooms for 4 people instead of 1 room for 4. I am wondering whether you have any recommendations for now? We still prefer to stay somewhere with a 4* rating or above, but a nice and comfortable 3.5* hotel would work just fine. Zone does not matter that much as long as it is in manhattan. Also, it will be great if each room could be below $250/night. Thank you very much!
  2. I used BiddingHelper.com for the search and it is really helpful! I guess the one I saw was no longer available. I should just book that one considering the price and the location. Should I just book the MSG one or should I keep watching and waiting for a better deal? I am also thinking about increasing my budget to $1300. p.s. any chance of a Michigan alumnus? I saw your profile pic. I am and go blue!!
  3. This is my first time using Hotwire. Any help is greatly appreciated! We are going to New York city from May 3-7, and hope to find a room at a 4* hotel for 4 nights. I did not choose Priceline cuz we have a party of 4 (all adults), and Priceline would not guarantee a room up to 4 guests. We do not have any specific preference of zones, but ideally not too far from time square. We hope to keep the total around $1000 (including taxes&fees) for 4 nights. Question 1: Which zone would you recommend? Question 2: I found the "4* Union Square - Flatiron area bout
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