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  1. First bid $112 for 3 star in this zone; offer declined. Added 2.5 star and upped bid to $118; accepted for the La Quinta, which was recommended by a friend in the area so it's what I was hoping to get. Current direct book price is $134/night so I'm saving $16/night. Thanks to betterbidding for the great tips and hotel lists!
  2. Took me a few tries, started with downtown at $120 for 4 star yesterday; ran out of bid strategies so I waited 24 hours. First bid downtown/Pikes Place 3.5 stars for $131; added Downtown/Space Needle district and scored the Silver Cloud at $136. Not as grand of a deal as I sometimes get but I still saved $23 over the current booking rate of $159. Thanks to this site for all the tips, tricks and hotel lists!