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  1. Cost was $185/night with $81.98 taxes and fees. A $18.50 credit. So $433.48 and hotel fees will be 102.04. Purchased on March 5, 2019, 196 days in advance. Hotel is still at $254/nt.
  2. OK, sorry about that. But I do think automatically charging for parking is a scam. I believe charging a resort fee and not including the water park is a scam. I think their resort fee is a scam telling me it was for towels and cleaning the room. I recommend staying away from 3.5 bidding at Disneyland in this zone. I would recommend bidding on the 4 star options which gives you plenty of free rebid options. The 4 star hotels are much nicer than the Great Wolf which is tacky and gaudy. There are no closets, just a hanging rod with space below. There were 3 drawers in our room with extra pillows and a blanket in case the sofa bed was desired. You had to pull them out if you wanted to use the drawers. The carpet felt a little damp with all the water use. I would recommend bringing slippers. We only used the Dunkin store for facilities. That was very convenient with nice breakfast sandwiches, donuts and coffee. The hotel is reportedly refunding the $18/day parking charges, but they never should have been charged in the first place. They never even asked. The resort only offers transportation via reservation to Disneyland at very restrictive times. At 2.2 miles away walking could take an hour with the long waits at traffic lights, we used Uber or Lyft which ended up being $6-7 each way plus tips. That was a great way to go. Another option is to walk up to the nearest hotel that does offer shuttle service, which isn't very far away.
  3. The only towels provided were bath towels. The waterpark is not included, this I can assure you. We were not given access to the water park, nor a list of amenities when we asked what was included no list was provided. When given the bill at the end of the stay, they charged us $18/day for parking, but we didn't have a car. Are you saying that is acceptable? I totally disagree with you. In no way should parking be charged when you don't have a car. I'm not sure why you are defending this hotel so much, but charging $18 for parking when you don't have a car is crap.
  4. Upon arriving, I asked what was included in the resort fee. I was seriously told cleaning the room and bathtowels. Can you believe that? I asked if there was anything else and they said 2 bottles of water! Typically resort fees offer something above typical expected services of cleaning the room and bath towels. At this point, how do I trust Priceline. Most times a 3.5 will have amenities like a swimming pool. They have a huge waterpark, but is $50 per person. I am going to research what should be included in a Priceline 3.5 star. Rooms are no better than 3 star and possibly 2.5 stars. There is something ugly in these absurd fees, for a normal service. Beware! I have stayed in the 4 star offerings and they are true 4 star in the Disneyland area. IMO, the Great Wolf is at best a 3 star. My advice, bid the 4 star. Do not risk getting ripped off at this hotel. A 2.5 star per Priceline should have housekeeping services
  5. Beware- The hotel fee was added after the bid was accepted. Although I have decades of experience with Priceline, I wasn't ready for that. The hotel has an indoor water park but we likely won't use it. Coming in a Monday night and leaving Thursday early but still being charged for 4 days. So although $90 x 3 days we are paying for $433...ugh. I made a mistake. Despite the hotel being 1/2 the price of the listed rate, we are screwed and despite calls to Priceline and the hotel there is nothing we can do about it. My wife to say the least is mad at me because I like naming my own price. Just learn from my mistake. The charge will come after your award. Read it carefully. IMO this should fall under a resort hotel like they do in Vegas.
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