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  1. I can't thank you enough for all of your help. I will definitely use what you taught me to bid on hotels in the future (using the BetterBidding PRICELINE link of course). I ended up bidding $146 for a 4-star or above (knowing I might end up with the Westin), but my bid was still rejected. Ultimately I decided it wasn't worth the risk of going much higher and then having another $90 tacked on for resort fees if we got the Westin. We ended up confirming a very nice apt in the Historic District (with bikes to ride to town and beach gear for Tybee Island) for $200 a night, inclusive of taxes, fees, cleaning, etc. The owner gave me a discount since the rental is in just a couple of weeks. That worked best for us this time given the current hotel rates in the historic district and risk of the Westin, but normally we are more content in hotels. So we will apply your great advice for our next trip. Thank you again--much appreciated.
  2. Thank you. I used the BetterBidding Priceline link to place a bid for a 4.5-star hotel in the Savannah historic district from Oct. 16-20. I bid $136 but I was unsuccessful. I bid 4.5 stars because I really don't want the 4-star Westin that's across the river from the main action in Savannah. I would be willing to go up to $170 a nite for the 4.5 star or any 4-star other than the Westin. Everytime I go to do a Priceline Express or bid for a 4-star, something will show that there's a $22 or so a day "hotel fee" (the explains it's usually a resort fee). That tells me it's the Westin. Any strategy suggestions on bidding? d Any chances prices might start dropping since we're only a couple weeks out at this point? Thank you.
  3. I am about to place a bid (using your Price.line bidding link) for a 4 Star Deluxe Hotel, Savannah Historic District - Riverfront Area. The summary of charges is showing a "hotel fee" of $90 for Oct 16-20. Do all Price.line purchases have a "hotel fee," or is it likely this is a resort fee? I know the Westin golf resort (the one hotel I don't want) has a resort fee... does anyone know if are any other 4 star hotels in the Savannah historic district that have a resort fee, or is the Westin most likely the only one? Thank you.
  4. Thank you. I'm still looking. Now the dates have moved to Oct. 16-20. Question about PRICELINE EXPRESS... if it says a hotel is, for example, is 4 stars with a ranking of 8 or above, does that generally mean the ranking is 8-9? Or could it be a 9-plus ranked hotel? obviously I know 8 or above could mean 9.2, but I wondered if there's a Priceline strategy to be aware of. Also, good to know re: the bidding site and amenities re: your previous note. Thanks!
  5. Thank you. The 4.5-star is a bidding category for Price.line.
  6. I think the 4.5 star is most like the Mansion on Forsythe Park--pet friendly and pool.
  7. Thank you for your help! The dates are Oct. 16-19. I actually determined the $136 deal was the Westin golf resort that's across the river from the actual historic district, because the Terms and Conditions stated that there is a resort fee of something like $22 per day (I could only see that after I clicked on Buy Now). I'm okay with the Westin, but only if I get it for a really good deal. With the Priceline Express deal, it would be around $160 a nite. I'm going to try bidding/doing name your own price up to $120 today and hope I don't get the Westin. I would be okay with it for $120 a night, though not thrilled. Guess that's the chance one takes! There is also one 4.5-star property in the Savannah HD. Trying to figure out what it might be. Thanks again!
  8. I've bid up to $114 for a 4 star historic district hotel and have been rejected. There's also a Priceline Express deal for $136 for a 4-star historic district hotel with the following amenities listed. Any idea what hotel it might be? Business center Restaurant Internet Gym/Spa Swimming pool Thanks!
  9. Is there a way to bid on a 4-star hotel in the Savannah historic district via Priceline and avoid the Westin? I prefer not to be across the river and don't want to have to pay the resort fee. Thank you.
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