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  1. Thanks for the additional info. Yes we're locked into these dates as it aligns with a school holiday. The only way we'll be able to fit it into our budget is if we can stay ~ $100/night. I'm starting to think I may have to look for properties that aren't on the shoreline, but with small children it makes for so much better stay being right there on the sand. I was basing my assumption off of past stays on the 3-day weekend, but yes...maybe this may just be a busy time. Lou
  2. Thanks Yellowdog and Romelle. We are looking at 10/8-10/11 on an oceanfront property. We hoped we could keep it $100/night or under. A couple years ago we stayed for about $80/night, and a few years before that about $60/night! And yes, will continue to use the Priceline links on this site. Lou
  3. Hello. We are trying to win a bid through this website on 4* resorts on HHI for early October. We have stayed at the Sonesta a couple times before during this same time of year, and did so for a good bit less than what it seems to be now. Started bidding in the mid-$80s and now in the mid-$90s with no luck. Any suggestions on when prices might drop from summer being over? Thank you. Lou
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