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  1. I used the Priceline link on this site. I started with an offer of $65 for 3-1/2 stars in Overland Park, which was rejected. I decided to go for 3 stars in Overland Park and Shawnee Mission instead of upping the 3-1/2 star bid, and bid $72, which was accepted. With taxes/fees the total is $91.11.
  2. I used this site's Priceline link. 2-1/2 stars is the highest rating for Emporia and there are no other nearby zones. I didn't want to go with 2 stars and my dates are not flexible. There is a big event in Emporia that weekend so I think the price was a bit higher than normal. I logged out of my browser each time in order to re-bid, since I couldn't add zones or change anything else. Bid $45 - rejected Bid $50 - rejected Bid $55 - rejected Bid $60 - rejected; Priceline suggested $77 Bid $65 - rejected; Priceline again suggested $77 Bid $70 - accepted. This is the same price as a 2-1/2 star hotel in Emporia in the Express Deals, so I didn't want to go higher than that, but I wanted to get some practice with Name Your Own Price.