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  1. Priceline Express Deal listed only these 3 amenities before purchase: Restaurant Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center It was also a "Guest Favorite" with an 8+ rating. From all my research, if you see these 3 amenities and the $31.25/day resort fee, it's the Westin Maui Resort & Spa.
  2. Got the Westin Maui Resort & Spa via PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal today. $192/night + taxes + $31.25 resort fee/day. Thanks for the input up to this point.
  3. We're about 2 weeks away from Maui and I need 3 nights (10/14-10/17). I've been keeping my eye on PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals and one hotel that comes up every so often is: 4 Star Hotel in Ka'anapali - Lahaina Area for $188/night 8+ Guest Rating Business Center Restaurant Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center Cost breakdown: $188/night Room Subtotal: $564.00 Taxes & Fees: $109.02 Total Price: $673.02 So this is not the 3 usual suspects (Hyatt, Sheraton, Westin Resort & Spa) because there's no resort fee. I THINK it's the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas because it has NO resort fee and this is another 4-star hotel that comes up for PL. Any thoughts or confirmation of this? It is significantly lower priced because it does not have a resort fee, parking fee, or even cleaning fee (given that it's a "villa"). The pool looks great too so I'm all for it for my family if it really is. Reviews are excellent for the Westin Kaanapali ORV's. BTW, it comes up when I search 9/30 - 10/3, for example. I'm waiting to see if it will show up for my dates. But my aim here is to find out which hotel this is!
  4. Doh! Mea culpa! I have been researching the Hyatt and Grand Wailea so much I mixed them up! :-p You are right. I was mistakenly thought of the GW. Now that place really nickel and dimes you! Both great pools though. I hope to book our family's hotel in the next 2 weeks! Have a blast.
  5. I'm also looking at the Hyatt Maui in October 2015 (about 3 weeks away). But don't forget the mandatory $30 valet parking fee/night! :-/ Have a great time...that pool looks amazing!
  6. my impression was that it was best to purchase within the final 30 days of travel. so i was waiting a little more. again i am looking at 3 nights starting oct 14th. is this correct thinking?
  7. ok, hmmm...sounds risky if i *really* want the hyatt. i may have to bite the bullet and just do the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal which strongly suggests the Hyatt. maybe NYOP and saving $5-10/nite ain't worth it this time around. thanks. i will use the PRICELINE links here and also update once i buy.
  8. thanks yellowdog. do you think the NYOP is also the Hyatt even though the resort fee is a few dollars different? Could they still be the same hotel? I'm really trying to get the Hyatt for the pool for my kids. Thanks!
  9. Looking for a hotel in Kaanapali for 10/14-10/17. When I check PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals, it shows a 4-star hotel for $190 that essentially matches the Hyatt Regency Maui. It lists all the pet requirements and fees exactly as listed here at BB. It also shows the resort fee as $90 ($30/night). But when I go to NYOP for a 4-star hotel, the resort fee is $92.50. Is this possibly the same hotel with slightly differing resort fees? Do fees differ between PRICELINE EXPRESS and NYOP? Or is this guaranteed to be a different hotel? Thanks...
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