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  1. Thanks for the wishes- The Pyongchang gold winning US Sled Hockey team was in town for a training camp, so we got to meet them, which was really cool, and we got to watch some of the Delco Phantoms ( Phillies AHL affiliate ) training camp in the adjoining arena. Plus, I learned a lot and had an excellent hotel stay. Thanks again!
  2. This marks the second time BetterBidding helped me bid a half price rate at the exact hotel for an event I was already going to. This time taking a hockey coaching certification class with a 7:30 check-in, so it'll be nice to wake up in the same building. Started down at $60 and added areas $5 increments, never dropping off of 3.5 stars. In the end, $100+fees got me the hotel I wanted all along.
  3. Taking family to ( amazing and free! ) USA STEM Festival at DC convention center. Bid 5* down to 3.5*, incrementing bids starting $65 , and adding Downtown and Downtown White House along the way. After 2 more dead end sessions starting $75 ( last night) and $78 (this morning), started $106 up to $118 for 4.5 star with 3 zones. At $120 for 4 star, hit Marriott Marquis FTW. This is literally next door to convention center, and 9+ guest rating. ( There was a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for Capitol Hilton 4*, 8.4rating for $123, but it came and went, and is 3/4 mile from convention center). Thanks again, Better Bidding!
  4. Coming in on late flight, so wanted quick overnight after picking up rental but before driving west. Downtown 5 $38 4.5 $39 4 $40 3.5 $41 Stapleton -airport West $42 Denver West $43 Westminster $44 Aurora Anshutz medical $45 Northglenn Thornton $46 Cherry creek $47 Denver Southwest Lakewood$48 Evergreen $49 Aurora $50 Denver tech center $51 Denver airport $52
  5. In a hurry to book for kids' hockey tournament so started at $60 and hit on the first bid. Should have started lower, but who knows? Looks like direct book would have been $86-89. Don't know when this changed from a Holiday Inn to a Clarion, but the in-room entertainment menus still say Holiday. Free breakfast buffet was a nice surprise.
  6. Started $40 in Wilmington North, bid up in $3 increments adding zones, held at 3.5 stars. Hit at $58. Thanks, BetterBidding.
  7. Tried $40 last night, $49 this morning, on rejection I was offered a "one-time re-bid" without changing stars or zone as long as I tried $81 (wink, wink). Advertised rate is $109 on Priceline, Google and Hilton sites.
  8. Hotel site shows $199/room deal "Almost sold out". Of note, even at more than twice the price, their total quoted "Tax and Fees" is 30% less than what Priceline stuck me for. At least it isn't like Manhattan this past spring where the bogus "tax" pushed me up over the posted rate on a room in Manhattan. Overall, happy at the price. Thanks BetterBidding!
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