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  1. Ended up bidding on 4.5* Downtown Portland.... got the Westin at $200 per night. So looks like you were right!
  2. Hello - Any ideas of what hotel you think this priceline express listing could be? 4.5 Star Hotel in Downtown Portland - Pioneer Courthouse Square - Pearl District Area for $208/night Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Thank you D
  3. Ended up bidding up to 280 for a 4* and landed the Hyatt at Olive 8. Before that I tried 3.5* up to 245 and nothing! Not happy about these prices but there wasn't much I could do about it. Oh well! Thanks for your help, D
  4. I bid up to $235 and then decided to try 3.5*. Bid up to 200 for 3.5* using a similar strategy to the one you described above to no avail. I'm wondering if I'll have better or worse luck the longer I wait but these prices seem pretty ridiculous. Any suggestions? Cheers, D
  5. Yes, I'd like to proceed. Stick with 4*. I'll bid up to $250 before tax and if that doesn't work I'll have to reconsider. Unless you see any other decent express deals? Thank you, Danielle
  6. Thanks for your help. That is an enticing option but I'm not sure how sure your "best guess" is. Are there any other hotels you think it could possibly as well so I could check to see if I'd still be okay with it? I'd be happy to grab Hotel Max at that price. I am still interested in bidding on priceline so If you could provide the strategy that would be much appreciated.
  7. Thank you. The two zones are: Downtown - Pike Place - Waterfront - Stadiums Downtown - Seattle Center - Space Needle - Lake Union I'm open to other zones these just looked the most central with 4+* hotels but let me know if there are other decent options. I'd go to 200 + taxes/fees.
  8. Hello, I would like to use PRICELINE to bid on a 4+* hotel in Seattle for 3 nights from August 9th-12th. I'd like to stay in downtown, zones 2 or 4. Hoping to get something for under $200 US. Could you provide a bidding strategy? Do you think this budget is sufficient? Thank you, D
  9. Attempted the strategy you provided but no luck! I decided to add in mid town east and west and central park south and start from $140 bidding up until I won at $187. At one point when I was bidding on 4 stars using the strategy you provided, it did ask me it would accept my bid if I raised it to $200 for a 4 star in chelsea.... I didn't think it was worth it. Not sure how I feel about this win. My priceline receipt it said I saved 17% but based on the current prices for my dates I think I saved more than that... who knows... Thoughts?
  10. Okay I will try this tonight. Any bets on what the property is on Priceline Express in Chelsea for 182? Ammentities: Business Center Restaurant Free Internet
  11. Okay, to clarify: 4.5* LES SOHO CHELSEA 4* SOHO CHELSEA GREENWICH UNION So I would avoid LES entirely at the 4 star level. For the PL EXPRESS property listed in LES for $143 the amenities listed are: Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Fitness Center Any bets? Holiday Inn? Thank you!
  12. Hello! Not willing to go above 210 before taxes so it looks like I'll have to settle for a 4* but I'd like to at least try for the 4.5*. When we drop to 4.5 and 4 we can still include SOHO. I would like to try and avoid the Holiday Inn in LES though. I did throw in a couple of bids yesterday and went up to $203 for 4.5* in LES, SOHO and Chelsea but got rejected. I also tested up to 150 for a 4* in Union Square and got rejected. I keep seeing a 4 star in LES on Priceline express - right now it's priced at $143. I'm thinking this may be the Holiday Inn but if you could advise on your best guess that would be GREAT! THANK YOU!
  13. Thank you! After looking into the rebid zones I notices that Chelsea offers 4.5 stars. If i wanted to prioritize hotel star value over zone, would that change my bid? Would you be able to provide one more bidding strategy with this in mind and adding in SOHO for the sake of trying to grab a 5 star property?
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