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  1. This was a Priceline Express offer. I clicked on that in the form, but I'm not seeing where it is showing now.
  2. The amenities that were showing were Free Parking, Free Internet and Free Breakfast. After clicking on the Hotel Amenities link the same showed up plus Swimming Pool. Guest Rating of 6+ I used the hotel search function on Betterbidding.com. Sweet!!
  3. Initially, I started bidding 3.5* @ $70.00 and added 3* and 2.5 * @ $75.00 and was rejected. A few days later I started at 2.5* and bid $80.00 and was accepted. Other websites are listing $95.00 per night for the same hotel. Total cost was $97.56. This hotel seems to be a new listing for the area. I was hoping for the 2.5* Best Western Plus Fort Lauderdale Airport South Inn and Suites. Reviews seem to be mixed at best for this property, but on the positive side it will be only for one night.
  4. Originally, I started looking at the Strip and was a little confused about the parking situation. Some properties indicated free parking and others made no reference regarding the parking leaving one in doubt if it was included or not. Resort fees is another issue, but there was plenty of information regarding what to expect. I finally decided to stay close to the Fremont Experience and referenced the hotel list pinning my hopes on the 4 * Golden Nugget. It came through with the following cost: Thank you Betterbidding! $40.00 per night $10.97 Tax & Fees $27.50 Hotel Fee (Resort Fee) collected at time of check out. $59.00 Website price per night plus hotel fee Amenities: Pets Allowed Free Parking Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Casino Fitness Center Non Smoking Use BB PRICELINE EXPRESS link to place my reservation.
  5. Well, this was kind of a surprise. I was bidding on Chandler - Gilbert and the location is more Phoenix - Chandler. I did the PRICELINE EXPRESS option and narrowed my choices down to Wifi and Free Breakfast. Two choices came up, one a 2 star and the other a 2.5 star. I chose the 2.5 star since it had a 8/10 guest rating whereas the 2 star had no rating showing. The symbols were as follows: Free Breakfast Free Wifi Free Parking Outdoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Handicap Accessible Business Center It's all good though. For the price and free breakfast I can drive two or three miles to my final destination. On PRICELINE's hotel results page a price of $61.00 per night was showing compared to my $49.00 per night. Well done Betterbidding! Thanks, John
  6. Free Breakfast, Free Internet (In Room), Free Parking, Outdoor Pool, Shuttle, Non-Smoking, Gym, Handicap accessible, and Business Center. Well, this was a surprise. I was anticipating the Drury Inn and Suites, but this will work just as good. It was the only 3 Star listed though. There was a 2 1/2 Star for more money that listed a pet symbol, but no shuttle. The 3 1/2 star that was listed had fewer amenities. (Parking, typewriter, shuttle, swimming, fitness, and non-smoking) One would get bed choice and the parking was free. ; ) The Springhill hotel on my date is listed as $103.00. Great Find!
  7. My wife stayed at this Best Western Inn and she reports that it was very clean and the breakfast was very good. She would highly recommend it.
  8. PRICELINE EXPRESS Price $71.00 plus $14.13 Tax and Fees for a total of $85.13 Address: 2688 Gateway drive, Anderson, CA Amenities: Free Breakfast Free Internet (In Room) Free Parking Pet Friendly Outdoor Pool Non-Smoking Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center Used the PRICELINE linky Thanks Thereuare ; )
  9. Allow me to add some more comments. This trip we rented a car from Miami with a drop off at FLL. The hotel is on Stirling with I-95 on the East side. The freeway noise wasn't an issue, just giving reference. Down Stirling to the East several blocks is a Chipotle Mexican Grill that we eat at. (Within walking distance) Across the street is a McDonald's and I believe a Taco Bell just to the East. Behind the McDonald's is a shopping center. Google Maps shows these locations if you zoom in enough. I don't want to forget the resident cats. They're not an issue, but only for reference. On Hot Wire's web site in the reviews someone mentioned them. We have stayed at this property before and that was a give away for me to know what property I was getting. This time we arrived around 2:00 PM and still had to wait till about 3:00 PM before we could check into our room. Not a problem. One final note the WiFi on the 5th floor is kind of sketchy. I was on my iPad and my wife was on her Nook. She didn't have near the connection issues that I was having so maybe it was my iPad. Just an FYI.
  10. I clicked on the Tool Box link and went to the car rental search page. I clicked on Cars NEW!! and put in my information. The results that were returned high lighted the hotwire drop down page with Priceline Retail circled in Red. Of the cars that were listed none of the "Continue" buttons were hot. Neither was the Search button in the Car search results to the left. In addition the page wouldn't allow one to scroll down either. I'm using Safari 6.2.2 on my iMac which is using OS 10.8.5. Thanks, Warbird
  11. Thanks Thereuare!! You're a Michigan fan and I'm a Beaver fan from Oregon. Well, the OSU Beavers didn't do too well this year, but the U of O Duck's went to the final dance and didn't do well either. Ohio took care of business. Hopefully, next year will be better. : ) I just finished replying to a catch on the other end of my trip coming up in Florida. (Hotwire FLL) I got a little wordy hoping it would benefit people to come. Thank you, Warbird (John)
  12. Interesting catch! Initially, I did a search of FLL and several hotels came up in the airport zone. If one is getting off of a cruise this place can be a zoo. Last year we took a shuttle from Miami to this hotel and got to the hotel before 11:00 AM in the morning. People were checking out and waiting for their shuttles to take them to the cruise port. We checked our luggage in a room and later came back to claim it. Initially, we had to wait for the CSR to come and open the door to put our luggage in the room. Later in the afternoon, think 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM I checked to see if our room was ready and it was. We went to the room where our luggage was stored and the room was full of luggage and people were tripping over each other trying to retrieve what belonged to them. The key here is just go with the flow and you'll do fine. Eating choices are limited here. There is a Cuban Restaurant (Go to Google maps) across the street about a two block walk from the front door of the hotel. That's about it for your evening dining if you don't have a car. There is a free breakfast which we didn't use last year because of an early flight. Amenities: Free parking, Free breakfast, Free Internet, Airport shuttle, Fitness center, Pool(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Wheelchair accessible, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower.
  13. Free Breakfast, Free Internet (in Room), Free Parking, Outdoor Pool, Shuttle, Non Smoking, Gym, 7.4/10 Rating $50.00 plus 14.58 Taxes and Fees I started out bidding 3.5 and dropped to 3 stars at $50.00 and was turned down. I switched to the Express offer for a look see. The PRICELINE EXPRESS rating caught my attention and thought I'd give it a try. It's not the Hilton, but it's a bed for one night. What could go wrong? ; ) We'll see. I used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] linky.
  14. I started on the bidding side of Price.line and bid $80.00 and was rejected. I switched to the priceline.Express Deals and chose the 2.5* (Portland Northwest) and got the La Quinta Inn for $90.00 per night. Room rate was listed elsewhere as $109.00 per night. Amenities were as follows: Swimming, Pet, Food, Weight, Free Parking, Free Internet, Free Breakfast, Business Office, and Bed Choice. I used the PRICELINE EXPRESS link for my purchase. Thank you
  15. Just a quick update. I scored an ocean view room upgrade just by asking for it. Long story short I was told there were no upgrades available for prepaid reservations. I have to believe most CSR want to help if they can. I was then asked if I was a BW Rewards member. I said I wasn't sure , but sign me up anyway. A nice smile and a Thank You and I was good to go. It's a beautiful day today on the Oregon Coast. Tonight the price for a mountain view room is $105.00 and an ocean view is $125.00. Got to love BB and PRICELINE.