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  1. Thanks for all your help. Ended up using priceline and after a week+ battle finally got a bid of USD175 accepted. Mixed reviews on tripadvisor and on priceline esp with the small rooms but hopefully the good location makes up for it. Thanks again Suraj
  2. Yea, it was rejected at with all these zones at 195. Seems like the prices have come down today? Can you help ID this PRICELINE EXPRESS offer? 3 Star Hotel in Civic Center South - South of Market Area for $161/night Pets Allowed Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center I have a hunch its the Holiday Inn Civic Centre - what do you think? Thanks
  3. Newark - Fremont area all-suites hotel Amenities Free breakfast Free parking Free Internet Pet friendly Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Business center Internet access
  4. Hi Aaron, Yeah, I've realized hotel prices in SF are as bad as NY. To be honest, I've not had much success with bidding. I've bid $195 and have not been successful. What sort of bidding strategy would you recommend? Are there any PRICELINE EXPRESS / HOTWIRE deals that you can recommend as well? Thanks Suraj
  5. Hi, Just sharing this win. Here are the amenities: Amenities Free parking Free breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Boutique hotel Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Self-service laundry Internet access Blind Accessible Deaf Accessible Travel Accessible Room Accessible Bathroom Accessible Handicapped Parking Roll-in Shower Suraj
  6. Hi there, Just looking for some advice and suggestions for a hotel (3* and better) in the the San Fran downtown/union sq/Embarcardero/Wharf area. I've noticed a few people getting 4* hotels for around $110-$120 in late Nov/Dec. In my searches so far, I haven't found anything even close to these prices. Just after any advice on the best possible deal/bargain for a good hotel in San Fran for those dates. I have a budget of around $175/night but hoping to get something for less if at all possible. Thanks Suraj
  7. Thanks for the tip mate - will check it out. Will move on towards booking accommodation for the rest of my trip now (San Fran, Napa Valley, LA, San Diego) - I'll create new threads for these. Suraj
  8. Thanks all for your help - I ended up booking the following: "Midtown West - Hell's Kitchen area hotel" at $187/night through Hot.wire and got the Holiday Inn Express Midtown West Hotel Amenities Free breakfast Free Internet Fitness center Business center Internet access Thanks Suraj
  9. Damn - you're right - It's gone. Any other suggestions for a really good bargain around the Midtown/TS/CP areas? Happy to look at 3* star options now as well? I'm hesitant on the 4* suggestion that was previously suggested in the thread because the mandatory USD 22/night fee is so unnecessary. I'll be booking 2 rooms as well so I'm trying to find a better deal. Thanks Suraj
  10. Hi, Can you help ID this one from Price.line: 3 Star Hotel in Times Square - Theatre District Area - $171/night Guaranteed Amenities: Restaurant Fitness Center I've checked the hotel lists and etc I'm guessing its the Tryp by Wyndham Times Square. What do you think? I'm leaning towards booking this instead of the other 4 star suggestion based on the review, provided this is most likely the Tryp by Wyndham. Thanks Suraj
  11. Hi, Thanks for your help thus far. Just wondering if there are 3* star hotels you'd recommend as a good bargain which may fall within my budget? If not, I'm just going to go ahead and book and hope I get the Wyndham New Yorker. I've read the reviews and I'd be quite happy if I get it. Thanks Suraj