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  1. ThereUAre, I lost the amenities. I'll try to be more thoughtful in remembering that for future hotwire purchases. However, I wanted to share an interesting experience I just had with hotwire.com today regarding this reservation. They sent me the following e-mail: Dear Julie, We are contacting you about your upcoming stay at the La Quinta Inn Merrillville, Hotwire Itinerary Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We periodically review our representation of our hotel partners' star rating and decided to adjust this property's rating to 2.0 stars. While we are confident in the quality of all our hotel partners, the new rating more accurately reflects the service level, accommodations, and facilities of this property. Due to this modification, we would like to offer you the option of either canceling your reservation for a full refund or keeping the reservation and receiving 50 HotDollars good for any flight, hotel, discounted car, or package booking on the Hotwire Web site. One HotDollar is equivalent to one U.S. Dollar. Should you choose to cancel, we would be happy to assist you in rebooking to be certain you are accommodated during your trip. Please respond with your decision by replying to this email or by calling 1-866-HOTWIRE (468-9473). Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. Our customers are very important to us and we would like to ensure you are provided with the best possible experience. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to reply to this email or contact us directly. Thank you for choosing Hotwire. Sincerely, Jennifer W Hotwire Customer Care www.hotwire.com I'm keeping the reservation and taking the hot dollars...
  2. We got it for $49 (I think a $5 savings?!). Tripadvisor indicates that it used to be known as a Residence Inn. We were hoping that it was either the Hyatt Place or Doubletree. Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool Laundry Facilities High Speed Internet FYI: Tripadvisor also gave it a 3*. Two reviews on that site - one rated the Penthouse suite, which was huge. Other said that it was old and run down, but had a nice bed and fireplace. (As Residence Inns were Mariotts, so I'm not surprised about the nice beds, but who knows if they've replaced the beds).
  3. BBB form was filed online, and a letter to Days Inn went out this morning. Hotwire.com already replied: Dear Julie, Thank you for contacting us regarding your reservation at the Days Inn North Canton, Hotwire Itinerary Number X. I regret your dissatisfaction with the level of service you recieved at this hotel, and understand you are requesting a full refund because of it. Hotwire takes customer feedback very seriously, and I appreciate the time you took to notify us of your concerns. At Hotwire, we rely upon the staff of our hotel partners to provide the quality of service that our mutual customers have come to expect. We are unable to resolve specific staff issues on behalf of our hotel partners. I recommend filing a formal complaint directly with hotel management by calling X. At Hotwire, we are committed to getting you the best deals possible. Our partners are able to offer Hotwire these great rates only if customers guarantee that they will use the originally booked reservation. This enables our partners to better manage their unsold inventory. For this reason, and because the reservation was used in full, I am unable to honor your request for a refund. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to reply to this email or contact us directly at X. Thank you for choosing Hotwire. Sincerely, Megan R Hotwire Customer Care www.hotwire.com
  4. Thank you for the contact information! I'm going to use it as a learning opportunity for my students... = ) I will definitely post any results. Yes, I've definitely received nearly 120 minutes worth of reasons why never to tell a manager what I paid on hotwire or priceline!!!!!!!!! I'm on my way to Philly with 8 students next week.... hope we'll have a much better experience! = )
  5. Much happier with this result (see Holiday Inn Elmhurst, IL for story).
  6. Was initially happy with this bid... all my nieces wanted was for me to get a hotel with a swimming pool (which is why I used hotwire). I was psyched to learn that Holiday Inn Elmhurst has not only a pool, but a water park attached! Very unfortunately, the admission is $30/day. Not cool. I called up hotwire and asked for a refund. They said they'd help me rebook, which they did (after a guilt trip that I could've gotten $20/day admission via a hotwire deal!)! My point was to communicate that they shouldn't advertise an amenity that's not included. Nothing was comparable in Chicago, so I ended up rebooking around Gary, IN.
  7. If I can track down the e-mails, I'll post more info.
  8. Sorry, I always forget to copy/paste the amenities...
  9. 1* Canton Days Inn, $49... 2/29/08-3/2/08 (4 rooms) I purchased 4 rooms for 12 adults... Hotel 4 room(s) @ $49.00 per night x 2 night(s) = $392.00 Tax recovery charge and fees = $49.98 Total = $441.98 Because I was traveling with 11 college students, I did two things prior to the arrival date: 1) Called hotwire.com to challenge the "Double the Difference." I saw on Days Inn.com that a room in advance was $46.55! Challenging this was initially silly, as I was tired when reading the daysinn.com website and didn't realize that the $46.55 rate was for one person in one room. I obviously lost the challenge. Hotwire rep said it was because I will have four rooms with double beds, which on the website goes for 59.99/night (true, if you pay for it in person... days inn's actual price online is $50.99/night for four rooms for twelve adults. I think this is the least I've ever "saved" on hotwire or priceline!). 2) I then called Days Inn to confirm that I'd have FOUR double rooms. They confirmed. Night of Arrival: 6pm, my students and I arrive to check in. Anytime I've traveled with them, they'll stay in the car, I'll check in, and we're all in rooms within 10 minutes. The manager was training who appeared to be a son and daughter on how to check me in. They were issuing the last set of keys to me when the manager kind of joked and said to me "I know I'm not allowed to ask, but I'm just curious. How much did you pay a night?" Yes, hotels are not supposed to ask. However, in my travels, I've often been asked this question and never had a problem with answering (until now). "$49/night per room," I said. The manager then proceeded to explode with anger. "Hotwire is making so much money from you!" he yelled. "This is not a double bed room," he continued. At that moment, he grabbed the keys back, and reissued them to me. "You paid hotwire for a single bed, and that is what you will get. I'm sick of this hotwire nonsense." I was completely stunned, but insisted I had a contract with hotwire for four rooms for 12 adults. I asked the manager how he expected 3-4 adults/room to sleep on one bed! The manager then started to turn this around as if it's hotwire's fault. He didn't speak English well, but started to try and argue that he no longer had double bed rooms available. "You will get four single bed rooms." I asked that we call hotwire, and he said "Please, let me!" He then started yelling at hotwire.com's rep asking how they could possibly expect 12 adults to sleep in four single bed rooms! After 20 minutes of yelling, the hotwire rep and Days Inn manager clearly weren't getting anywhere. I asked to speak with hotwire, and the manager put me on the phone. I rationally explained my side of the story, which hotwire clearly understood. They said "we don't understand how Days Inn expects 3 adults sleep in a single bed in each room." I agreed, and demanded to know how hotwire was going to resolve this problem. The Days Inn manager chimed in that "two double bed rooms" just came open (in the meantime, no one had called or checked in the lobby)! So, he was willing to give us TWO double bed rooms and TWO single bed rooms. This still isn't what I paid for... two people were still set to sleep on the floor without free cots! Hotwire.com then proceeded to tell me they were going to additionally bill me $85 as a "cot charge" to ensure that all our adults had beds! I told him this was completely unacceptable. He then said that he'd "fax" me a receipt that I can "fax back" to them next week to receive a refund of the cot charge. I was at the mercy of the Days Inn, who said their FAX machine wasn't working. I reinforced to Hotwire that I need them to resolve this. They said if I don't like their cot charge solution (which didn't come down in price even though I negotiated with the DI manager for 2/4 of the single bed rooms now as doubles), then they'd be happy to refund my money for the hotwire.com purchase. I said, "yes, please refund my money," when the DI manager literally grabbed the phone out of my hand and told hotwire "Look, I'm a nice guy, and don't want to lose customers because of your incompetence. I'm going to give her a third double bed room. She doesn't need a fourth, because she will be the only one in it." At that point, we were pushing 2 hours of arguing, and we were an hour late for our conference. I took the deal, even though it was less than what I paid for (Four double bed rooms). At least they all had beds, which is what hotwire replied when I filed for a "double the difference" amount for my individual room after the trip. I paid $49 for a $46.55 room. To make matters worse, the creepy son quickly noticed that my van was full of 8 college women. He actually asked me if they were single. There was only one entry door to the hotel rooms, which passed through the lobby. The angry manager verbally did a head count on us as we passed by to ensure that only 12 of us were using the rooms! Please take caution with this hotel. I actually felt unsafe here due the hotel employees (not to mention feeling like an unwelcome guest!)! Other than that, your typical one star hotel... gross bedding, ripped towels, slimy carpet with a distant stench of smoke and something else unpleasant. This is the first time I've ever been burned on hotwire. Not for the accomodations, but the refusal by both Hotwire and Days Inn to honor the hotwire contract.
  10. I purchased 4 rooms for 12 adults... Please be sure to read my wildly frustraing HOTWIRE BEWARE check-in review when I get a chance to add it... Hotel 4 room(s) @ $49.00 per night x 2 night(s) = $392.00 Tax recovery charge and fees = $49.98 Total = $441.98 EDIT by thereuare: link to Canton Days Inn Review
  11. This was not the first bid... All bids were for two rooms 4/2-4/6: 1) $50 Downtown Philly lost 2) $50 Added University Area, lost 3) Increased bid to $61, added Airport, lost 4) $61, added City Line, lost 5) DECREASED bid to $45, added Trevose-Bensalem, lost 6) $45, added Gloucester, lost 7) $45, added Cherry Hill, WON I then added an additional night for both rooms at $45 for 4/1-4/2
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