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  1. :) Time to make decision -- Check-in: Fri, Dec 12, 2003 Check-out: Wed, Dec 17, 2003 There are two entries on hotwire-- (1) 4*, Pike Place, $73, with on-site restaurant and fitness center (2) 3.5*, Pike Place, $73, with on-site restaurant, fitness center, High-Speed Internet Access, and business center who are these hotels? Also, how much do I really have to pay in total--$73 is everything? Anything else I will be charged when actually buying them? Thank you!
  2. :) So, how realistic it is to start bidding at price about 30% lower than $48
  3. I spotted a 2* at Hotwire with price $48 per night. It's under Pike Place, downtown Seattle. There is a on-site restaurant icon associated with it. Is there anyway to make sure that if it is Sixth Avenue Inn or Traveloge? How? Thanks! :)
  4. If I can get a room at about $70-90 a nite at Hilton--that's great! That's defenitely a price I can afford. To secure the best bet, what's my strategy bidding on either Priceline or Hotwire for getting Hilton? Thank you!
  5. Is there anyway/strategy to use in the bidding to get Sixth Avenue Inn, while avoid being assigned Travelodges? Thank you
  6. Check-in: Dec 12(Fri) or 13(Sat)---depending which one is more favorable Check-out: Dec 17 (Wed) Thank you for your two cents!
  7. For the 2* (Inn at Queen Anne) how far is it from Sheraton? How about Holiday Inn or the Marqueen? Thanks a lot!
  8. I must get a hotel in DOWNTOWN Seattle. Two requirements: 1.[Foremost] I hope to get a place as close to "Sheraton Seattle Hotel & Towers" (1400 6th Ave Seattle, WA 98101). The one I really get has to be as close as possible to this hotel. Of course, if you ask why I don't just stay at this hotel, I'll say---it's way too expensive. 2. Number of stars really doesn't matter---money matters. I go on the cheapest one. Maybe 1-2* would suffice. Which specific hotel I should bear in mind? To get that hotel, what's my best strategy of bidding? Thank you!
  9. I am looking for staying at 4* downtown Seattle during December 12 (Fri) -17 (Wed) or 18 (Thu) 2003. It's before Christmas, albeit not close. Thinking about bidding on Priceline. Would anybody have share lowest successful bid around that time? How much should I start to try my luck on Priceline? Also, would I get a better price doing it on Priceline HongKong? :) Thank you
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