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  1. why did Hotwire end "Hotwire Express" program? I thought it was just them taking the status away from me. However, I just got off the phone and the rep told me that Hotwire Express programs is no more. :(
  2. it doesn't say Hotwire Express in the top right corner now. I guess I had my status taken away? however, I don't know why. I've actually double my spending to over $2300 on Hotwire in 2015. Just added up what I spent over the last 5 years: (total based on my credit card statements) 2010 $873 2011 $980 2012 $1009 2013 $1257 2014 $1100 2015 $2300 (as of yesterday)
  3. I've been a "Hotewire Express" member for many years. One of the benefit is that I can read individual hotel reviews posted by others prior to making a hotel room purchase. This gives me an idea what hotel it may be and steer away from the bad ones. However, as of last week, this feature seemed to have disappeared. No matter which city or which hotel I look at, there are no reviews at all. Is this something they recently changed? (my last booking was 3 months ago and back then I was still able to read the reviews) Thanks for any info! :)