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  1. I used hotwire and paid $91(CAD) for the coast edmonton hotel...... Sorry never "closed" a thread before...what other info do i need
  2. Im trying to book a couple hotel rooms on the strip of las vegas...possibly share a room for 2 couples if its worth it.... 17th to 20th of november Any bidding tips?
  3. I guess im looking at zone 7 in edmonton.... I'm not familiar with how the star rating work exactly.... we are going to a wedding and if possible i would like so save as much money as i can on a room....but dont want to end up in a gross room or anything.....i guess under 100 a night would be good
  4. Hi, im new to both priceline and this looking to bid on a room in edmonton alberta from june 8 till june 11th......anyone got tips