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  1. First attempt successful at $80. I assumed prices would be a bit higher than usual for a Halloween weekend in New Orleans. I've never been so I'm really looking forward to it. One thing of note is all the hotels down in this area charge a lot for parking. This hotel is going to charge $40 a day for (forced) valet but looking around that seems to be pretty much the norm. This site rocks!
  2. So I held off and waited on a response from a car transfer service which has a car going from Austin to Dallas with 2 free days and any additional days were only $36. Someone else was chosen for the car though. There is another car available for a similar price but it's not available for pickup until May 12th. I really like the idea of that service and wish it had gone through. I'm going to pick up a car this evening but it still seems like Budget is the best way to go with the promo code I mentioned earlier.
  3. The car rental checker link doesn't work properly for me. When I enter in my info it always reverts the dropoff location to the same thing as my pickup location. The lowest price I could find was $132 including fees/tax for a compact car from Budget 5/7 to 5/9 10AM Austin to Fort Worth. I believe the economy was a dollar or two cheaper.
  4. Hello! I need the car tomorrow (5/7) sometimes in the later morning hours. I'd like to have it at least until Saturday morning and to drop it off in either Fort Worth, Granbury, or Weatherford. I am new to this whole deal thing and I'm having a lot of trouble getting a good deal on this one way rental car period. I see quite a few good deals for staying within the city but they all spike up when I enter the drop off location(s). Mileage limits shouldn't be a problem if the deal is good enough but unlimited is preferred. Are one way rental car deals just not that great? Last time I rented a car was in Tucson from Sun-Mon and I remember it was only like $10 a day! Everything I've found for this trip is much higher than that. Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm looking forward to participating on this forum now that I've finally found it. Austin 5/7 10AM (airport pickup is OK) to Fort Worth (or Granbury, Weatherford) 5/9 10AM OK driving it all weekend if the deal is better.
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