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  1. Trying to identify 3 star hotel in Culver City. Free internet, business center, restaurant, swimming pool, fitness center. $138 for 3 nights starting Feb 19
  2. PRICELINE EXPRESS is showing a 3.5 star hotel in Newton, Ma for November 19, 1 night for $84. It has business center, restaurant, free internet, pool and fitness center. Any idea which hotel?
  3. Trying to find out what hotel this is for November 19 for 1 night. 3.5 stars, $84. Business center, restaurant, free internet, pool, fitness center
  4. Trying to identify hotel for November 23. Business Center, fitness center, restaurant and free internet for $65
  5. Thanks for all your input. I ended up booking a room at the Best Western University Plaza directly. For the $10 extra it gives me the option to cancel if the trip falls through. There was a room available at the Orrington but $1,500 for one night was not really in our budget!
  6. Thanks. Evanston is about as far as I am willing to go. We aren't going to be in the room, or Evanston, very much so I guess I just have to pick one.
  7. We will be driving. Interesting that you are suggesting The Homestead. It's reviews are mixed and don't seem to be as good as those for the Best Western. Any idea of what's going on in Chicago that weekend that is making it so difficult to get a 4 star hotel for under $325?
  8. I'm looking at a PRICELINE EXPRESS hotel in Skokie/Niles/Evanston area. 3 stars with business center, pool, free internet and free breakfast for $133 for the night of July 11. (I was looking for a hotel in Chicago but for some reason there are very few rooms available that night and the ones that are available are priced through the roof)