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  1. Thanks a lot for your help. I'll make sure to use your links to make the purchase. I'll be making the purchase the first days of January. One more thing, what does the black thumbs up emoticon to indicate ratings mean? Thanks a lot
  2. Thanks for your help. We've been to New York many times and like these above-mentioned areas very much. I've already stayed in Hell's Kitchen area (near 10th Ave.) and found we had to walk quite a lot to get to and from the hotel. Many of the attractions we visit are south of 23rd St or Brooklyn but generally, the Soho/Tribeca area tends to be more expensive. I'd rather go for approx $100 than up, but can stretch it to $120/125 On the other hand, UWS is also an option. I've stayed on 86th St before and the area is relaxed and convenient as well. I wouldn't like to go farther up for the reason above mentioned though if the price is right, I could change plans. There's so much to see in New York that basically, all areas would work one way or another. Also, we're theatergoers but I don't like to stay in the Times Square/theater district area, so Bryant Park is an alternative to be near the theaters but not in the middle of it all. The Port Authority/ Madison Square Garden area is off limits. Don't like it. Only visit to go see a show. Hope I've given you plenty of information to help us. You've been very kind. Thanks a lot.
  3. I'm traveling with my 11 year old daughter and would like to receive tips on what would be reasonable to pay for a 4* hotel in the Flatiron /Nomad area. or near Bryant Park. Thank you!